Product Introduction

The newly released S-XVR has an internal SSD, offering various benefits including friendly cost, low power consumption and less hassle. The Dahua S-XVR conveys the concept of smart, stable and swift, providing customers with a better choice compared with traditional XVR.

Key Features

  • Cost-saving

    The Dahua S-XVR comes with pre-installed SSD devices, saving installation costs and time, satisfying the basic surveillance requirements of users, and making it suitable for the entry-level surveillance market.

  • Smart

    Powered by an AI chip and deep-learning algorithm, AI Coding guarantees more than 11 days of reliable video storage, while SMD Plus reduces false alarms and offers quick search of human/vehicle targets.

  • Stable

    The S-XVR offers low noise, shockproof, and strong heat dissipation. The Dahua SSD is equipped with 3D TLC NAND Flash, which enables a longer product life and ensures continuous 24/7 recording.

  • Simple

    The S-XVR's detachable design allows for easy maintenance and capacity expansion, with 256G, 512G and 1T SSD storage capacities available to satisfy various needs of users while ensuring data security.