The Dahua cloud managed switches are integrated into the DoLynk Care platform, allowing you to remotely manage your devices via the cloud. The auto-generated network topology helps you easily manage the whole CCTV system and identify network errors in real-time, which greatly simplifies network maintenance.
The DoLynk care cloud platform offers a confluent cloud-based service system that allows you to manage on-site devices and enjoy a full range of services. In addition, this series also offers long-distance PoE function that can supply power to devices up to 250 meters away. The PoE red port supplies up to 90W. It is suitable for various scenarios, such as homes, factories and offices.
  • Topology Management

    • Topology Auto-generation: DoLynk Care automatically identifies connected products and generates relevant topology.
    • Visualized Devices: The intuitive and professional data dashboard helps you quickly understand the topology of existing network system.
    • Topology Management: Remotely modify the configuration based on the graphical topology.

  • Remote Maintenance

    • Visualized Data and Tasks: The professional data dashboard displays real-time status of connected devices.
    • Remote Configuration: Various devices can be added to DoLynk Care, allowing reboot, upgrade, and other functions.
    • Remotely Fix Device Errors: When an error occurs, the operator will be informed immediately in order to fix the error in time.

  • PoE 2.0

    • PoE Watchdog: It enables the switch to automatically detect port status and restart the failed ports to recover connection.
    • Red Port 90W: The red port is in compliance with the latest international standard IEEE 802.3bt and can provide 90W PoE output.
    • Long Distance PoE: The switch can deliver a 250-meter long distance transmission, breaking the common 100m limitation.

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