Driven by deep learning algorithms, Dahua WizMind S Series network camera offers a variety of intelligent functions that greatly improve the accuracy of audio and video analysis. It supports video metadata, smart sound detection, face detection, perimeter protection, people counting and more. The camera also adopts advanced image processing AI-Powered Image technology and has the Deeplight night vision effect. The camera is dustproof, waterproof and vandal-proof, and is certified with IP67 and IK10 protection ratings (may vary depending on the model).

Key Features

  • Excellent Image Effect

    Realized through an array of image-enhancing technologies that meet complex challenges of security scenarios.

  • Multiple AI Functions

    With exceptional analytical capabilities, the AI functions of IPC WizMind S series can fully support business practices and public management.

  • Credible Adaptability

    Continuous operation. Extensive use.
    Full-time and full-scale shield guaranteed.

  • Plastic-free Packaging

    Reliable. Economic. 100% Recyclable.
    We are doing more to consume less.

  • 4MP
  • 2MP


Цилиндрическая IP-видеокамера


Цилиндрическая IP-видеокамера


Купольная IP-видеокамера


Купольная IP-видеокамера


Купольная IP-видеокамера