Enabling a Greener Society: Exploring Dahua’s Efforts on Reducing Carbon Footprint


September 25, 2023

Dahua is at the forefront of utilizing technology to make significant strides in energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, empowering the global carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals through smart solutions.

Clean Energy Utilization

Across Dahua Intelligent Campus, photovoltaic arrays blanket the landscape, generating and harnessing green, renewable, and pollution-free solar energy. This strategic shift reduces reliance on conventional power grids and significantly enhances energy security.

Intelligent Energy Solutions

An adaptive eco-friendly air conditioning system is being used to save energy (25% average) in the Dahua Intelligent Campus, as well as an intelligent lighting system to save 60%-70% of power. The campus has also transitioned to a fully paperless meeting environment. Intelligent power control and charging stations was installed to stabilize the power load and ensure efficient power management. These green energy initiatives result in an impressive average annual energy savings of 15%-20%, saving an equivalent of 628 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon emissions by a substantial 1,696 tons.

Product Energy Reduction

Dahua's commitment to energy efficiency extends to its product portfolio. From component selection to hardware design, software optimization, and structural innovation, Dahua systematically designs its products in line with its energy saving goals. In the Dahua Smart Exhibition Hall, various energy-efficient LED products are used, reducing overall power consumption by over 36%. This equates to an annual electricity saving of approximately 172,800 kWh.

Smart Logistics

Dahua has upgraded its semi-finished product warehouse into an 8,000 m2 dark factory. This transformation features intelligent processes such as automated inbound and outbound logistics, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) material handling, and robotic arm shelf placement. These innovations facilitate unmanned warehouse operations while maintaining a lights-out environment, yielding a monthly energy saving of 7,000 kWh on average.

Packaging Innovation

Dahua adheres to its packaging reduction strategy and has developed an innovative, in-house, thin-film composite packaging technology. This technology significantly reduces packaging material usage and weight, which lowers packaging material usage by up to 40%. For every one million product sets, approximately 12.5 tons of cardboard are saved.

Dahua’s proactive approach to environmental sustainability greatly reflects its commitment to reducing its carbon footprints and contributing to a greener society. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, Dahua strives to become the leader of innovation and environmental sustainability in the global technology industry.

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