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Statement about Purchasing Products from Unauthorized Channels


Recently, Zhejiang Dahua Technology CO., LTD. (“Dahua”) has received reports from multiple parties, which state lots of stores on e-commerce platforms, such as Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, sell Dahua’s products by pretending to be stores operated by Dahua or Dahua’s authorized distributors. Such actions seriously disrupt the market orders of our products, which not only infringe Dahua’s rights and interests, but also the customers’ rights and interests. In order to protect the customers’ lawful rights and interests, Dahua hereby solemnly declares that:

1. The specified service information websites of Dahua’s products are “www.dahuatech.com” and “www.dahuasecurity.com”.

2. Dahua sells its products through its authorized distributors. If you would like to verify whether the sellers are Dahua’s authorized distributors, you can contact us at overseas@dahuatech.com.

3. Except the channels mentioned above, Dahua has never authorized any party to sell its products, nor sell its products on any e-commerce platform in any form.

Unauthorized channels include but are not limited to the following:

•Security product supermarket




•Hangzhou Quan'an Technology Co., Ltd



•Shenzhen Dayi Technology Co., Ltd

•Networkcamera wholesale

•Bulwark Tech Ltd


•Sunivision Technology Development Co., Ltd

•Dahua Security




•Wei-Yah Technology Co., Ltd

•Shenzhen DSD Technology Co., Ltd



4. For any party disrupts the market orders of Dahua’s products and infringes Dahua’s lawful rights and interests, Dahua reserves all rights to take any legal action against such party.

Warm reminded: the products brought from the unauthorized channels may be counterfeit and shoddy products. Dahua is unable to guarantee to provide the warranty services and technical support for the products brought from the unauthorized channels. Please purchase from the authorized channels.

Welcome to inform us if you find any party sells Dahua’s products by pretending to be Dahua or Dahua’s authorized distributor. If you have any other questions, please contact us at overseas@dahuatech.com.