Dahua Hubble Panoramic Network Camera Receives Golden Cauldron Award at CPSE 2019


Hangzhou, China/November 5, 2019 The awarding ceremony of the highest honor given at the CPSE 2019 – Golden Cauldron Award – was held in Shenzhen, China. As the only product award in the public safety industry authorized by CPSE, the Golden Cauldron Award is undoubtedly of great importance. With professional evaluation team's overall assessment on quality, performance, market performance, application value and other product factors, Dahua Hubble panoramic network camera received the prestigious award, fully affirming Dahua Technology’s technical dedication and reputation in the video surveillance field.

As a new generation of Dahua Ultra HD panoramic network camera family, Dahua Hubble panoramic network camera inherits the family’s classic combination of fast-moving PTZ and multi-sensor design, with eight independent concave windows to avoid occlusion caused by rain and snow. To ensure imaging effect, eight 4/3 inch target surface (1920*1080) CMOS sensors are used together with a 1.8 inch large target surface star-level sensor on the ball to deliver a clear and bright performance at night, providing a 24-hour monitoring capability.

The key highlights of Dahua Hubble panoramic network camera are its multi-sensor splicing and dynamic tracking technologies. Featuring Dahua Technology's splicing algorithm, tracking algorithm and face recognition algorithm, the camera can realize high-point monitoring via 360 degree seamless splicing. While enjoying large scenes, users can also use the AR platform to realize panoramic AR function that can identify moving trajectories of people and vehicles. Additionally, its real-time screen connection also allows users to obtain timely information of people within the panoramic view, and enables intelligent warning and stereoscopic command to assist video surveillance. The products are widely used in public security, safe cities, government, schools, airports, residential areas and other scenes with large angle of view. Its efficient intelligent applications on scenes, including integrated monitoring and perimeter defense, can help application needs of various industries, achieving an end-to-end solution-based application innovation.

Daytime Panoramic Effect

Night Panoramic Effect

Committed to the mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living,” Dahua Technology will adhere to the core value of “customer-centered” and provide the market with end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create value for city operations, corporate management, and consumers.

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