Dahua Open Platform(DHOP) Release AI Series and Thermal Series


HANGZHOU, China / December 5, 2019 Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, released Dahua Open Platform (DHOP) for AI Series cameras, enabling partners to develop their own applications on Dahua hardware, including Ultra AI IPC(7 Series)and Thermal cameras, with stronger computing power. In addition, the develop environment is more friendly than before.

First released in 2017, DHOP is a platform allows third party applications to be downloaded and installed on Dahua Network Cameras. Compared with the original version, the AI DHOP features wider and open product line, stronger computing power and more convenient development process. What’s more, the software and hardware are decoupled, thus algorithms can be loaded on the device as needed, enabling multiple functionalities in one equipment. AI DHOP is also easier to debug, diagnose and upgrade. With app data synchronizing to the flash before the device restarts and dedicated storage partition, the data is better protected.

AI DHOP Layout


Besides having the usual advantages, AI DHOP now offers more. With flash up to 1G, DDR up to 512M and AI computing power up to 2T, AI DHOP allows more partners to develop their own application on Dahua hardware. Which means more AI functions will be realized, more joint solutions will be created to serve customer better. It also has multiple upgrading methods, and data filled with security protection.


Cooperation with Dahua Technology through AI DHOP will bring wider benefits in the long-term. Strong support is guaranteed not only during development but also during the later stages. Verified and tested applications will be released on Dahua Technology’s website, boasting access to a global user base. AI DHOP partners have the potential to participate in various marketing activities and be promoted via the Dahua global partner networks. End users can purchase licenses directly from DHOP partners, for whom Dahua Technology will help to release the license in cameras.

"Our joint solution, without exaggeration, brings smart video surveillance systems to a new level of accessibility and cost-effectiveness. Initial investments are reduced due to significantly lower equipment costs. At the same time, the system stays current for a long time due to the continual development of Axxon Next video analytics and free updates," notes Alan Ataev, AxxonSoft Global Sales Director.

“In the next stage, we will continue to improve the development environment and enhance computing power, and further promote the open platform to backend, storage, intelligent transportation, etc.” Said Peter Pan, Overseas Solution Director at Dahua Technology.

Openness is a key strategy of Dahua Technology, especially in this rapidly changing smart IoT era. Currently, DHOP is available for some Dahua IP cameras, including IPC, PTZ cameras, and thermal cameras. And we will open this features to other products soon.

Since its debut, DHOP has gathered many technology partners, creating many amazing joint solutions in different fields.

Looking forward for your join, and create mutual success together:

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