Visualize Industrial Inspection with Dahua Thermal Handheld Thermography Camera


HANGZHOU, China / March 7, 2022 - Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, launched its Thermal Handheld Thermography Camera (DH-TPC-HI20) — a portable diagnostic instrument for daily inspections in the industrial field. Its lightweight design, powerful visualization capabilities, real-time alarm, and other ease-of-use features make it a reliable tool for early failure prediction and preventative maintenance in small industrial scenarios.

Features and Benefits

The Dahua HI20 product adopts thermal imaging technology to detect potential issues in numerous preventative maintenance tasks through non-contact temperature measurement. Compared to a Single-point infrared thermometer, the HI20 presents real-time, crisp images and informative details for quick inspection, allowing users to analyze, identify and diagnose potential problems more quickly and efficiently.

High-Resolution Crisp Images and Informative Details for Quick Inspection

With a high resolution of 256 x 192 effective pixels and F1.0 large aperture, the HI20 delivers wide-angle crisp and clear images. It supports a 256GB Micro SD Card that provides up to 10,000 images and over 2 hours of video per gigabyte. Moreover, it also offers PC connectivity to view, manage, and share images and videos.

Laser Pointer Detection and Troubleshooting

In addition to producing a thermographic image, the HI20 includes a laser pointer that allows users to detect the temperature of specific areas, reducing temperature reading deviations to increase accuracy and save time.

Quick Snapshot and Recording

Furthermore, the HI20 offers a multi-functional trigger that allows users to pinpoint areas with its built-in laser pointer, capture screenshots and record videos. Squeeze the trigger once to activate the laser pointer, pull two times to capture a screenshot and pull three times to record a video.

Ideal for Rugged Environments

Thanks to its rugged design, the HI20 can withstand a 2-meter drop. With an IP54 rating, it can operate under harsh environments from -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to +122 °F), making it ideal for various scenarios and applications within the industrial field.

Audible Real-Time Alarm of Anomalies

For sudden temperature rises that could lead to equipment failure or a possible fire hazard, the HI20 provides a customizable maximum-temperature prompt. It can trigger an audible alarm and automatic screenshot when that temperature threshold is detected—instead of staring at a screen for a long time and potentially missing out on an important detail.


Unlike other high-end thermal imaging products, the HI20 provides a financially viable choice for budget-saving customers. As an entry-level product, it is suitable for scenarios such as electrical inspections, building and residential inspections, HVAC system inspections, automotive repairs and maintenance, etc.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical connections and components with potential issues such as loose connections, bad contacts, and electrical circuit overloads typically show no signs of overheating until they fail, which may increase the risk of industrial fires in electrical equipment. The HI20 handheld thermography camera can help inspectors locate the exact area of abnormal temperatures that the eyes cannot identify, thus reducing the risk of electrical fires and unexpected breakdowns.

Automotive Repairs and Maintenances

Traditional analysis methods are time-consuming in mechanical equipment and machinery inspections, particularly automotive repairs and maintenances. The HI20 handheld thermography camera allows users to compare the operating temperatures of their vehicle to similar equipment, manufacturers' standards, and previous inspection data, providing insights into an asset's current health and reliability.

Building and Residential Inspections

The HI20 handheld thermography camera can even help solve challenges in traditional building inspections. For example, it allows inspectors to monitor temperature differences in the field, giving them a good indication of the extent of the potential anomalous areas, such as spotting water leaks behind walls, under floors and on windowsills. Additionally, it addresses the energy consumption problem caused by dust and heat loss during HVAC system inspections.

With built-in temperature functionality, the Dahua Thermal Handheld Thermography Camera can detect and display crucial temperature measurements with accuracy and clarity. By integrating a high-resolution display, laser pointer, built-in alarm, and easy-to-use button interface—among its other features—the HI20 provides multiple benefits into one economical handheld device, which greatly facilitates industrial inspection and regular device checkups, helping users save time and improving work efficiency.

To learn more about this product, you can watch the unboxing video here.

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