Dahua WizMind Launches New Upgrades Powered by AI


Hangzhou, China / July 4, 2022 – The Dahua WizMind is a full portfolio of solutions composed of project-oriented products including IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, and thermal cameras that adopts industry-leading deep learning algorithms. With focus on customer’s actual needs and requirements, WizMind provides precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions for vertical markets. This year, Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, is set to launch new upgrades for WizMind’s human, vehicle and thermal applications, utilizing AI technology to empower various vertical markets.

Human-based Applications

The Dahua Panoramic System is designed to capture situatonal awareness in scenarios that require a 360°, 270° or 180° panoramic view such as squares, urban roads, and entrance/exit areas. Powered by AI, the system provides intelligent functions including crowd density and vehicle density. It can cover a crowd of people within a radius of 30m radius, and vehicle density within a radius of 125m. It can simultaneously zoom in and track multiple human/vehicle targets that triggered the alarm. In addition, its high-speed PTZ camera or EPTZ technology can quickly and automatically track moving targets, without missing target behavior details. It is an ideal solution to replace multiple conventional cameras, reduce complexity, and save installation and maintenance costs.

Moreover, WizMind also offers Human Metadata 2.0 with deep learning algorithm that can help operators locate targets in various scenarios such as factories, plants and main roads. Aside from targets direction analysis and data statistics, this feature also includes PPE Detection technology that can detect compliance of wearing personal protective equipment in the workplace with up to 98% accuracy rate, and uses alarms or reminders to ensure workers’ safety. Attributes that can be detected include hard hats , reflective vests, masks, glasses, top clothing color and bottom clothing color.

Vehicle-based Applications

Equipped with deep learning algorithms, the Parking Space Management technology of WizSense can detect parking space usage in each area of the  parking lot and display parking space status in real time, with a detection rate of up to 98%. It can detect up to 12 parking spaces in an indoor parking lot. For outdoor parking lots, its vehicle detection range depends on its camera installation height: 80 vehicles for 30m; 30 vehicles for 12m; and up to 14 vehicles for 6-8m. This feature significantly improves parking experience and reduces traffic congestion.

Furthermore, WizMind also provides Illegal Parking Detection, with a detection rate of up to 90%. When a vehicle has been detected in the monitored area, snapshots will be taken and metadata will be saved. It supports overlay of license plate number, violation time, violation location, and parking duration as evidence. It can cover a wider area through its dual-PTZ system, solving vehicle capturing problems including vehicle under occlusion. What’s more, when a vehicle parks in an illegal parking area, the illegal parking PTZ can send a warning voice audio through its built-in loudspeaker to warn the vehicle to leave. This solution can help alleviate illegal parking problems in city roads and private properties.

Thermal Imaging Applications

WizMind also offers Industrial Temperature Measurement that utilizes thermal imaging technology to realize all-weather, fast, and online temperature measurement. Data reports are automatically stored online, making it easily accessible for users. In addition, by editing the device list on the platform and linking it with the temperature measurement camera, users can automatically inspect key devices regularly and display device data more intuitively. It is ideal for scenarios such as substation, where all equipment must be monitored 24/7 and any abnormalities must be detected and solved in time.

Note: Accuracy rates may vary depending on different products and algorithm versions. For more info, please consult with your local Dahua sales representative.

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