Dahua Technology Joins Donation Programs to Support Local Communities in MENA


August 15, 2023 / Hangzhou China. Dahua Technology, as a socially responsible company, demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility by actively participating in public welfare programs. To support Dubai’s "1 billion meals" initiative in 2023, Dahua MENA provided numerous free meals to people who have been away from their homes for a long time and have been working outside under harsh conditions. At the same time, charitable donations were also made to community groups in need of social care in other Middle East and North African countries. This benevolent gesture stands as a strong testament for unity and shared social responsibility.

Dubai’s unwavering commitment to its residents’ well-being has been one of its top priorities over the years, as it tirelessly strives to elevate the living and working conditions of its dedicated workers. Dahua MENA, responding to the local department's call for support, took an active role in the 1 billion meals donation program. The subsidiary's employees also volunteered their time and effort to deliver meals, spreading warmth and compassion.

"Dahua has presented more than 2,600 meals to the local people. We are very happy to be part of this program, and Dahua is ready and willing to make the society a better one," said Shen Baoshi, General Manager of Dahua UAE Representative Office. "We are very pleased to deliver food to the community and be part of the ‘1 billion meals’ campaign in Dubai. Dahua is building a better future."

Furthermore, Dahua MENA reinforced its commitment to corporate social responsibility by launching the "Dahua Master Installers Challenge" on TikTok. This unique initiative combined recognition and rewards for exceptional installers with charitable donations to aid families and children in the Middle East. In a display of remarkable compassion, the company has also generously donated to The Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt -- a distinct healthcare institution focused on children's well-being -- and other vital NGOs and organizations. This gesture, while measured in dollars, resonated far beyond mere numbers, amplifying hope and igniting a beacon of progress across these lands in need.

"In a heartfelt endeavor to stand with our brothers and sisters in this cherished land of the Middle East, Dahua has extended a warm embrace to the local people by multiple ways. Our hearts brim with joy as we wholeheartedly participate in this noble program, for at Dahua, we believe in the profound impact of social responsibility on shaping a better tomorrow," expressed Yacob Bai, President of Dahua MENA.

Dahua Technology has been operating in the Middle East for over a decade. The company serves its customers with cutting-edge technologies, superior products, and efficient solutions through its proficient local sales and technical team. Alongside contributing to significant projects in security, transportation, retail, and education sectors, Dahua MENA consistently supports local public welfare projects, greatly contributing to a safer society and a smarter living.