Dahua Empowers Educational Institutions for Future Generation


August 28, 2023 / Hangzhou, China. Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, has been in the forefront of transforming traditional chalkboard classrooms to a smart and interactive learning environment. Adhering to its unwavering dedication to its social responsibilities, Dahua has donated Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboards to educational institutions around the world to enhance their teaching efficiency and create smart classrooms that are more conducive to learning.

The International School on the Rhine (ISR) in Germany received a Dahua DeepHub unit courtesy of Dahua to help them optimize classroom teaching methods and enhance their students’ learning experience to the fullest. It greatly benefited the school’s pupils (ranging from kindergarten to grade 12) and teachers in terms of providing a more interactive and collaborative approach to each lesson, as well as more convenient preparation and delivery of teaching materials.

"After almost a year of experience with DeepHub, I have noticed a positive change in my teaching," said Ms. Bianca McLeod, teacher at ISR and head of secondary education. "The students have become more engaged and even more proactive. We are convinced that further upgrading of the screens will bring even more benefits!"

The Asociación Sí Puedo Los Alamos in Spain is another educational institution that benefits from Dahua DeepHub. Dahua Iberia donated one DeepHub unit to this special education center located in Madrid, enabling them to personalize their activities related to adaptive skills and allowing them to improve and offer necessary support for their students with intellectual disabilities.

"It is one of the resources that have allowed us to easily modify the dynamics of the classroom, and a resource that is always accessible and always agile to use," explained Mr. Carlos Álvarez, teacher and Head of Studies at Asociación Sí Puedo Los Alamos. "It is an application that has allowed us to unify work in a collaborative way," he added.

Moreover, the Montfort Youth Centre, a charitable educational institution located in Malacca, Malaysia, was also gifted with a Dahua DeepHub unit. It significantly elevated the level of teaching in their school that helps promising and talented youths from impoverished families, receiving positive feedback from both teachers and students.

“This product is better than the projector,” said Wilson Wong Win Sin, student at Montfort Youth Centre.

With rapid technology development, digital transformation in the education sector has bolstered teaching methods and learning experience in classrooms. With intelligent tools such as Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard, schools all around the world can ignite their students’ passion for learning, empowering them to become lifelong learners and shaping a future where innovation and student’s potential knows no bounds. Moving forward, Dahua will continue to adhere to its social responsibilities by actively participating in the construction of digital education and fully utilizing science and technology for the education of the future.

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