Dahua Subsidiary Huajian Technology Secures CAAC Certification for Multiple Waythcan X-ray Security Inspection Devices


June 19. 2024 / Hangzhou, China. Huajian Technology, a subsidiary of Dahua Technology, recently announced that its Waythcan X-ray Security Inspection Devices (DH-ISC-M6550DLC, DH-ISC-M100100DLC and other models) have received certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

The CAAC certification is recognized globally, alongside the U.S. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and Europe's ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference), as one of the top three security inspection system certifications in the aviation industry. It has strong authority and influence in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and other regions and countries.

The certification requirements for civil aviation are more stringent compared to other industries. Obtaining the CAAC certification reflects the exceptional functionality and performance of Waythcan X-ray security inspection devices, meeting the rigorous standards required for aviation security.

The DH-ISC-M6550DLC and DH-ISC-M100100DLC are both equipped with high performance 160kV X-ray generators, which comply with the latest CAAC regulations and offer advanced screening with high image quality. The scanners are integrated with Waythcan’s WayXRay 2.0 Image Algorithm and Waythcan AI Algorithm that assists in the automatic analysis of the hold baggage to identify any potential threat.

The WayXRay 2.0 imaging algorithm uses imaging brightness based on the density of the object and imaging color based on the composition of the object to capture fine object features with ultra-high resolution and restore material details. Additionally, it is equipped with advanced intelligent image noise reduction technology, which significantly improves the image signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring that each scan produces clear and detailed imaging results.

The DH-ISC-M6550DLC is perfect for inspecting cabin baggage and small items due to its standard conveyor belt. Its installed X-ray technology complies with standards and regulations such as CE, GB, CAAC, etc., making the detection of any potential threats a fully automated process and enhancing operational efficiency.

The DH-ISC-M100100DLC excels at inspecting oversized baggage and freight thanks to its large tunnel opening and low conveyor belt. Its X-ray technology also adheres to standards and regulations such as CE, GB, CAAC, etc., ensuring that threat detection is fully automated and operational efficiency is improved.

The intelligent AI recognition function categorizes and analyzes items using advanced algorithms trained on massive datasets. As the luggage passes through, the system overlays AI intelligent frames and item type text on the images, achieving a basic recognition rate of over 90%. This enables accurate identification of prohibited items within the package images. What’s more, the intelligent recognition feature can be customized, allowing for different prohibited item detection strategies to be configured according to various usage scenarios.

This demonstrates our commitment to meeting the highest standards for aviation sector security globally. These systems have been designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of not only the CAAC but also the country and even the world's airports, while providing high-quality image analysis and improved operational efficiency, that Huajian Technology is known for, said Linssen Kong, Security Screening Product manager at Huajian Technology.

In addition to being used in civil aviation, the Waythcan intelligent security inspection devices are widely applied in various fields such as rail transit, hospitals, school examination venues, large events, and corporate units. They leverage technology to provide intelligent and professional security solutions for more industries.

With the aviation industry continually growing, the need for advanced security solutions is more critical than ever. Huajian Technology's CAAC-certified Waythcan X-ray security inspection devices are poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and security of air travel worldwide. In the future, Huajian Technology will continuously promote the innovation and application of intelligent security inspection solutions. It will take on greater responsibilities for social and transportation safety by offering more scientific, intelligent, and comprehensive security inspection solutions.

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