Empowering Istanbul’s Public Transportation with Dahua Intelligent Transportation Solution


Istanbul, as the economic, cultural and transportation center of Turkey, is a world-famous tourist destination spanning Europe and Asia, attracting countless tourists from all over the world every year.

As a highly developed metropolis, Istanbul has a well-developed transportation system that covers major tourist attractions and commercial areas. However, the enormous scale of transportation also brings its own set of challenges. For instance, the small size of electric vehicles presents more demanding requirements for equipment, and with increased driving speeds, monitoring and regulating drivers' dangerous behaviors becomes crucial. Additionally, ensuring passenger safety and satisfaction during their journeys is also important. To address these issues, Istanbul has implemented intelligent upgrades to its public transportation system, aiming to reduce traffic congestion, prevent accidents, and ensure the safety of its citizens.

Upgrading City's Public Transit System

Dahua's intelligent transportation solution, utilizing advanced technologies like DSM and AI-based passenger flow counting, has facilitated an intelligent system upgrade for nearly 6,400 minibuses and electric buses in Istanbul. This system, while ensuring safety, can also provide real-time passenger count, allowing efficient vehicle dispatch during peak times.

Dahua's DSM cameras, which are applied to electric buses, help regulate drivers' behaviors, effectively reducing accident rates and ensuring passenger safety. When drivers engage in behaviors such as smoking, making phone calls, or not wearing seat belts, the intelligent devices can accurately and promptly identify these actions and issue alerts to both the driver and the transit center. It effectively helps avoid accidents caused by unsafe driving.

The advanced passenger flow statistics technology can dynamically assess the bus’s crowding level and assist operational scheduling decisions. By precisely understanding the dynamics of passenger flow, it enhances passengers' travel experience. Furthermore, Real-time GPS information is provided by the devices and integrated with the mobile app of the transit company. This enables passengers to easily access the location of the next bus, helping them plan their journeys and improving their overall travel experience.

Improving City's Sea Taxi Operations

Sea taxis, which have been specially designed so that they can be easily used by disabled persons, families with strollers and cyclists, are available at 50 stations and terminals. In addition to the 46 piers on the city lines, Istanbul's Galata Port, Harbiye Convention Center, Istinye Cruise Park, and Tarabya Cruise Park docking points also cater to passengers.

Given the strait's unique environment, sea taxis demand high standards in equipment airtightness, waterproof capability, and salt spray resistance. Dahua's smart on-board solution ensure stable operation while minimizing the impact of significant vibrations on the image quality. In addition, Dahua provides industry-grade dash cams for electric tourist cars on Prince Islands. These compact and easy-to-install products integrate seamlessly with vehicles and allow full monitoring of the entire travel process. The dash cams are also equipped with a two-way intercom module for real-time communication between vehicles and the control center.

In addition to "sea taxis", the Dahua Intelligent Transportation Solution is also suitable for subways, trams, railways, airports and many other transportation scenarios, ensuring city order and safe travel.