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New Generation of Dahua Vision's Intelligent Conference Tablet—Elite Edition

> Ultra-narrow bezel and all-in-one design integrating speaker and 86-inch 4K DLED backlit touch display
> Enable fluent writing on whiteboard; provide touch operations such as erasure, resizing, and roaming and multiple erasure modes such as point erasure, circle erasure, touch erasure, and one-tap screen clearance.

> Scan the QR code for sharing writing records and annotations.

> One-tap wireless projection on computer, mobile phone, and tablet without wire connection.

> Simultaneous multi-image displays on multiple wireless projectors; provide reverse operation of projection content.
> Optional ultra-thin pluggable PC module and I5/I7 CPU.
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  • Display



    Display scale


    Backlight type



    3840 (H) × 2160 (V)

    Viewing angle

    178° horizontally and 178° vertically



    Anti-glare tempered glass with surface hardness up to 7 on Mohs scale

    Touch technology


    Touch point


    Writing tool

    Finger + smart pencil

    Response time

    < 15 ms

    Touch accuracy

    1 mm

    Audio and Video


    Built-in speaker

    Input/Output Port (PC module not included)

    Video input

    HDMI input × 3 VGA × 1

    Video output

    HDMI output × 1

    Audio port

    Audio input × 1, audio output × 1

    USB port

    TOUCH OUT × 2, USB3.0 × 3, USB2.0 × 3

    Network port

    1-channel RJ45 1000M Ethernet port

    Wireless network

    Wi-Fi and hotspot

    Both Wi-Fi and hotspot support 2.4G/5G dual band; Wi-Fi and hotspot can be enabled at the same time

    Writing on Whiteboard

    Fluent writing

    Writing by hand or pencil; quick writing response

    Touch operation

    Touch operations such as resizing, moving and dragging, and roaming and multiple erasure modes (point erasure, circle erasure, touch erasure, and one-tap screen clearance)

    Saving meeting minutes

    Scan the QR code generated by writing records and annotations for sharing or saving

    Multi-channel annotation

    Make annotation on any interface in any channel.

    Wireless Projection

    Wireless Projection

    Wireless projection of content from computer, mobile phone and handheld tablet to conference tablet

    Alternate projection

    Simultaneous multi-image displays on multiple wireless projectors, with up to 4-image projection

    Other Functions

    Welcome screen

    You can edit the content for quickly generating the welcome screen, as well as sign and write on the welcome screen

    Android System

    Operating system

    Android 8.0


    Quad-core, RAM: 4G, ROM: 32G

    OPS Module (optional)

    PC module

    Optional ultra-thin pluggable PC module and I5/I7 CPU

    Physical Features

    Power supply

    100 V/AC–240 V/AC, 50/60 Hz 5.0A

    Maximum power consumption

    500 W

    Standby power consumption

    ≤ 0.5W

    Operating temperature






    Dimension of the bare machine

    1957 mm × 1169 mm × 89 mm

    Packing dimensions

    2134 mm × 210 mm × 1334 mm


    Net weight

    66 kg

    Gross weight

    84 kg