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Campus Management

Attendance Management

  • · AI biometric technology helps to automatically record the attendance of students and faculty members, reduce the workload of administrators, and improve management efficiency.
  • · School attendance can be finished through the face turnstile via access control identification.
  • · Class attendance can be done through an AI camera in front of the classroom during class time.

Exam Management

  • · The facilitator can view videos from their PC or mobile phone for quick and remote inspection without any interruptions to the class.
  • · AI technology can detect the exam behavior which help assists the exam invigilation.

Parking Lot Management

  • · Intelligent management of parking spaces
  • · Intelligent management of entrances and exits
  • · Parking Guidance System

Canteen Management

  • · Queue length detection for food service stall
  • · Heat map of number of people and average waiting time
  • · Kitchen violation behavior detection such as improper wearing of uniforms and smoking

Library Management

  • · Provides library entrance and exit control through the face recognition turnstile.
  • · Collects operating data (e.g. people flow) in order to optimize service and investment.
  • · Integrates with the school library system to realize library book borrowing/returning through face recognition.

Media Release Management

Function Hall
Sports Venue
Elevator Hall
Canteen & Coffee Bar
  • Cost-effective Operation
    Instead of purchasing new materials, digital signage only requires remote publishing of new programs.
  • Central Management
    Utilizes a unified platform to manage all the terminals from different locations, making the media program approval process quicker and more reliable.
  • Digital Experience
    Digital signage significantly improves technical experience.

Pick Up Management

  • · Effectively ensures the safety of students entering and leaving the school.
  • · Avoids long waiting time and enables orderly picking up of children from school.
  • · All pick up data can be checked in case of an investigation.