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Electronic Article Surveillance

The Smart Retail Loss Prevention Solution is committed to providing powerful, efficient, cost-effective solutions to protect your property. Its advanced Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, Waythcan iSmart Service (WISS) system, and AI technology loaded to the video surveillance system provide more proactive loss prevention methods, such as thief detection and movement recording. This system ensures a safer, more secure environment for your staff and customers.

Solution Introduction

Solution Details

Preventing Shoplifting and Theft:

Real-time shoplifting alarms activate when products are taken out of the store.

EAS devices, as warning signs, inform potential thieves that they are being watched.

Balancing Security Measures with Customer Experience:

EAS system uses wireless detection technology to protect open-shelf products.

EAS tags/Labels are designed to be quickly deactivated or decoded at checkout without affecting the speed of the transaction.

Managing Loss Prevention on a Budget:

EAS tags are designed to provide greater protection for high-value products.

Remote maintenance: technicians can maintain devices remotely on WISS, reducing on-site visits.

Improving Management Efficiency:

Admin can manage multiple stores or multiple regions of stores online by WISS.

WISS allows users to generate multiple BI reports (Optional).

Solution Topology


EAS Alarm: The system consists of EAS tags attached to merchandise and an EAS antenna placed near store exits. When a customer attempts to leave the store with an unpaid item, the EAS antenna detects the tag and triggers the EAS alarm, alerting store personnel and deterring the potential thief.

Online Events: An event is triggered when an active EAS tag is too close to the antenna. Details of the event (including time and location) can be recorded and stored in a database. Retail managers and loss-prevention teams can access and search this information online. Thus, allowing them to review and analyze the data, identify potential vulnerabilities, and take steps to improve store safety and security measures.

Online Devices: Managing device settings and statistics over the internet can be done through WISS, which allows you to access the device's settings and change them remotely. This can be useful for various purposes, such as troubleshooting issues with the device, updating its software, or changing its behavior to better suit your needs.

People Counting: People Counting can track and process moving human bodies to realize accurate statistics of people entering, leaving, and currently within the monitored area. This intelligent function offers customers valuable data for business report analysis, providing statistics with up to 98% counting accuracy.