Dahua Technology Partners with CameraMate


Dahua Technology is delighted to partner with CameraMate to help installers in the UK and Ireland to help reduce their operational costs and provide a valuable proactive support model.

CameraMate enables secure remote management, event reporting and notifications for any Dahua Network or Analogue Video Recorder. It significantly reduces installer support costs, helps improve customer retention and works to eliminate wasted engineer site visits.  This enables an installer to enhance support services from reactive to proactive by notifying customers of issues before they are even aware.

Through this installation, security professionals can receive real-time alerts to advise that an NVR or camera is offline, resulting in less unplanned downtime.  There’s also a configuration comparison tool, changes that have been made to the NVR or XVR can be identified to highlight any that may cause capture problems.  CameraMate can remotely roll back the NVR to the last known good configuration, eliminating site visits for trivial issues.

"We are delighted to be included within the Dahua ECO Partner Program", said Geoff Littlewood, CEO at CameraMate. “The CameraMate solution provides an exciting opportunity for Dahua installers, helping to secure and enhance both existing and new Dahua NVR installations by adding our cloud services. CameraMate improves support capabilities, adds alerting services, and helps to identify issues before customers are aware. This allows installers to turn a reactive support team into a proactive customer services team, delivering a “best in class” security solution to their customers.”

“Dahua Technology welcomes strong partnerships that enhance performance and the value installers can offer to their customers”, said Alvin Qian, General Manager, Dahua UK and Ireland. “We welcome the partnership with CameraMate and its potential in our market.”

Dahua Technology and CameraMate have delivered this integration through the Dahua Eco Partner Programme

About CameraMate

Powered by Intamac Systems, CameraMate is a game-changing addition to any Dahua NVR installation. It provides powerful remote management tools with near real-time alerts of NVR and camera events that may cause monitoring and footage capture interruption. CameraMate comes from a development team boasting over 18 years producing IoT solutions with 400k+ devices connected, zero security breaches, and all with 99% service availability.