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Fact Sheet - Busting Dahua Myths



This fact sheet corrects common myths about Dahua Technology and presents the facts on our ownership structure, UK and Ireland business operations, commitment to ethical technology, and data practices.

MYTH: Dahua is a Chinese state-owned or state-controlled company.

FACT: Dahua is a private-sector company whose shares trade publicly on the Shenzhen stock exchange.  We are neither owned nor controlled by any government or political party. There is no state involvement in any aspect of our business operations. We serve the interests of our shareholders and our customers.

MYTH: Dahua, Hikvision, and other China-based firms are essentially the same.

FACT: Dahua and Hikvision have significantly different ownership structures—Dahua is a private-sector company, whereas Hikvision is a state-owned company.  Dahua and Hikvision are no more related to one another than Microsoft is to Apple.  We are fierce competitors in the UK, Ireland, China, and all markets where we operate.

As important, Dahua is fundamentally different from firms that make and sell critical infrastructure which sits at the heart of telecom networks. Dahua makes endpoint devices, akin to a smart TV or a smart thermostat, which sit at the edge of the network.

MYTH: Dahua is banned in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

FACT: Dahua products are not banned in the United Kingdom or Ireland.  Dahua is proud to provide our customers and partners with world-class products and services, which are available for sale in the UK and Ireland to private-sector commercial and residential end-users. We adhere to common standards for security practices in our industry and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and business ethics of the UK and Ireland markets.

MYTH: Dahua products violate human rights by discriminatory detection of individuals based on their race or ethnicity.

FACT: Dahua has never—and will never—provide or sell any technology, product or service targeting a specific racial or ethnic group. We are committed to developing solutions that help to create a safer, smarter, and fairer world and such systems would not be consistent with those commitments.

MYTH: Dahua has access to end-user data that could pose a threat to UK or Ireland interests.

FACT: We build and supply devices. We do not store, manage, or have access to end-user data from those devices, including cameras, installed in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Dahua products adhere to industry standards and best practices regarding data security and end-user privacy. We do not (and cannot) share data that we do not have access to.

MYTH: Dahua builds and supplies products to the Chinese military and thus poses a national security threat to the United Kingdom.

FACT: Dahua does not design products for use by military and defence establishments in any country. Our products improve security and safety and are used primarily in consumer and commercial settings. We do not design, build, or supply equipment with any special characteristics for use by militaries, in China or elsewhere.

July 2023