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Our Statement on Recent Media Reports


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Statement on Recent Media Reports

22 February 2023

Dear Valued Customer,

Recently, you may have come across media reports that included misrepresentations, insinuations, and false claims around Dahua Technology.
To clarify any questions or concerns you may have, we are writing to correct some of the factual errors in those reports.

Company Ownership

Dahua Technology is a private-sector, publicly traded company. As we repeatedly emphasized, we are neither owned nor operated by any government. There is no state involvement in any aspect of our business operation, including the development, production, accessibility, capture or remote viewing of data. Our company does not—and never has—posed a threat to UK or Ireland's national security. For a more detailed introduction to ownership structure, please refer to our latest financial report filed with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Data Security

As a device supplier, we do not store, manage, or have access to end-user data. Our products adhere to industry standards and best practices regarding data security and end-user privacy—including ISO/IEC27001 and ISO/IEC 27701 compliance.

Ethical Commitment

Our goal has always been for Dahua solutions to help create a safer and smarter environment for our customers. Our ethics and practices on this point are clear: Dahua has never—and will never—provide or sell any technology, product, or service designed to target a specific racial or ethnic group.

We hope this clarifies any concerns you may have had about our company. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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