Full-color Cube

For years, Dahua has been investing in Full-color Technology that assures users 24/7 colorful monitoring as well as trust-worthy performance in terms of clarity, definition, flexibility, accuracy and intelligence.
In 2023, we are launching the Full-color Cube – A cube of color magic that combines Full-color, Smart Dual Light and other technologies into infinite possibilities of innovation. It features panoramic vision, more personalized and flexible settings, intelligence at will, and future growth.
Camera Challenge
Check out our Camera Challenges around the globe, including Full-color DUO Challenge, Full-color PT Challenge and Smart Dual Light Challenge.
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Key Technologies
The Full-color Panoramic series achieves a wider range of vision coverage by utilizing the capabilities of both Full-color Duo and PT cameras.
1. Full-color DUO

Seamless 180 FOV

• Seamless 180° image, saving equipment cost and installation cost compared with normal camera.
Dual Lens, Natural Fusion

Imaging Effect

• Dual F1.0 Aperture Lens and Dual 1/1.8" CMOS Sensors create a better imaging effect in low light conditions.
Large Aperture
Powerful Sensor
Full-color Duo Image
Traditional Camera

Easy Installation

• 3-axis rotation makes installation more convenient.
Three directional adjustments
Two directional adjustments


• EPTZ: Panoramic image with multiple target details.
Application Scenarios
  • Stadium
  • Square
  • Lobby
  • Garage
2. Full-color PT

Pan & Tilt

• Wider monitored area, less blind spots

Easy Installation & Remote Accessibility

• Easy installation and remote adjustment
  • Vertical and horizontal rotation on the back-end:
    XVR and DMSS app
  • Supports wall mount, ceilling mount, and various brackets, making installation and adjustment on various surface easier and more convenient.
Application Scenarios
  • Retail Store
  • Villa
  • Park
  • Office
The Full-color technology achieves 24/7 full-color images. Meanwhile, the Smart Dual Light provides a flexible solution to users who need the right lighting at the right time, enabling them to focus on the real threat in real time.

Smart Illumination

• Records full-color videos of key events when the warm light is on.

• Warm light active deterrence warns off intruders in the scene.

• Reduces light pollution in ordinary hours, making it suitable for warehouse, retail checkout, etc.

Illumination By Schedule

• Record color information of key events;

• Maintain IR mode during business hours to reduce light pollution;

• Automatic Illumination by Schedule;

• Suitable for bars, cafes, etc.

TiOC, short for Three-in-One Camera, offers full-time protection before, during, and after an event through the innovative integration of Smart Dual Light, Active Deterrence, and AI.

Full-time Protection

• Protects people and their property at all times

Third-party Platform

• Protects people and their property at all times
  • World-leading sensor manufacturer
    System Architecture

    Supported Dahua Models:

    · Dahua TiOC

    Supported Optex Models:

    · OPTEX Bridge CBK-304

    · OPTEX Bridge CBK-312

    Supported Features:

    · Ability to share video with key holder/emergency contact and take instructions;

    · Allows pairing of traditional alarm zones to cameras;

    · Converts Dahua AI event; triggers into Contact ID alarm and video events.

  • Top VMS
    System Architecture

    Supported Dahua Models:

    · Dahua TiOC

    Supported Nx Models

    · Witness

    Supported Features:

    · Live view/playback

    · Video and audio parameter configuration

    · Events received in the platform

Application Scenarios
Public Areas
  • Fire Exits
  • Emergency Exits

Effectively maintain unobstructed emergency lanes to enhance public safety.

Private Places
  • Villas
  • Shops

Effectively warn off intruders with sound & light alarm, and notify users in real-time via the app.