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Dahua Technology UK Ltd Response to Statement by Oliver Dowden in the UK House of Commons


29th November 2022

Dear Valued Customer,

We note a statement made by Oliver Dowden in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom on November 24th which, based on security and other reasons, involves stopping the installation of video surveillance equipment from Chinese companies in sensitive government locations. In this regard, we, Dahua Technology UK Limited (Dahua), express our opposition and deep concerns.

Dahua fully supports a fair and transparent review of the role that video surveillance plays in the safety and security of the UK and its population. However, we do not believe the action to cease the deployment of such equipment is justified. For the past 6 years, we have been dedicated to serving customers in this important market in full compliance with all applicable laws and rules. Dahua has never and will not pose any threat or harm to the UK.

As we have repeated many times, we are a private-sector business and adheres to standards for ethical practices in our industry. We are not controlled by any government. In addition, as an UK company, Dahua is not subject to the National Intelligence Law of the People’s Republic of China which means Dahua still can serve a full scope of business to all kinds of customers in the UK.

We respectfully ask the UK government and our customers to recognize that our products and technology pose no threat to the UK. While conducting our business operations being compliant with all applicable laws and rules, Dahua maintains extremely high cybersecurity and privacy standards by developing and rigorously applying industry best practices related to data protection in all of our solutions and products. We make every effort to ensure the highest levels of cybersecurity credentials with training for installers and system integrators to offer secured service in the market. Dahua does not manage or operate customer data and transfer data to any 3rd party.

We will seek to engage the UK government to better understand the statement. We will engage further with the relevant governing bodies to ensure continued safety, security and the highest quality of services in the UK.

Dahua Technology UK Limited