The Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System consists of alarm hubs, various wireless peripherals and several applications for end users, installers and ARCs.

In order to optimize user experience, reduce installation and maintenance costs, and improve the operational efficiency of security companies, the Dahua wireless alarm has continued to innovate technologically, providing advanced image transmission technology, integrated IPC as detector, and flexible interconnection with CCTV/VDP.

Our Innovation

  • Advanced Image Transmission Technology

    The RF-HD image transmission protocol ensures that high-resolution alarm videos corresponding to alarm events are received immediately, helping you verify the authenticity of alarms or preserve them as evidence. It supports 2.4GHz, 433MHz and 868MHz bands, making it suitable to various application scenarios.

    2.4GHz: It can transmit 6 images within 6 seconds with resolution of up to 1,600*1,200 (the resolution and number of images can be selected). The transmission distance is up to 300 meters (open space), which is suitable for indoor scenes.

    433MHz/868MHz: It can transmit 6 images within 12 seconds with resolution of up to 1,200*960 (the resolution and number of images can be selected). The transmission distance is up to 1,400 meters (open space), which is ideal for outdoor scenes.

  • Integrated IPC as a Visual Detector

    User can integrate the IPC as a visual detector to alarm hub when they are on the same LAN. They can also configure the linkage rules between the IPC and the detector connected to the alarm hub.

    Receive IPC alarm events and video recordings: After logging into the IPC web and configuring SMD or IVS rules, the alarm hub will receive IPC alarm events and corresponding recordings, and activate the siren.

    Detector alarm and IPC video linkage: Configure the detector alarm and IPC video linkage channel on the mobile app. When detector is triggered, the corresponding IPC will record a video.

    Arm/Disarm linkage: When arming/disarming the alarm hub, the IPC will be armed/disarmed at the same time.

  • Flexible Interconnection with CCTV/VDP

    The alarm hub interconnects with NVR/XVR and VTH through a network protocol instead of traditional dry contact signal, bringing more functions and better experience.

    Compared to traditional interconnection with CCTV, our solution is more convenient and cost-efficient. It can realize alarm-video linkage, meaning when an alarm is triggered, the corresponding video will be automatically captured and recorded.

    Furthermore, interconnection with VTH also supports remote access and control. Users can arm/disarm the entire alarm system and check device status on Android VTH, making this solution suitable for families with elders and children.

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