The intelligent security screening machine adopts X-ray Generator and X-ray detector that uses X-ray to quickly inspect baggage and goods without opening packages.

We boasts multiple signal processing solutions, which provide image correction, image enhancement, and real-time image processing technology for fast digital radiographic (DR) imaging and control.

Powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithm, We provides comprehensive human-oriented solutions, making it possible to quickly and accurately act on what matters to you. In addition, it provides effective AI overlay to locate prohibited objects, and various prohibited objects data for business analysis


  • Object Identification Improves Efficiency

    The built-in deep learning algorithm can realize object recognition with high accuracy without relying on staff and personnel. When prohibited objects are detected, they can be marked with different color according to danger level. It assists security inspectors to quickly catch suspected individuals, reduces pressure of security personnel, and improves work efficiency.
    Recognizes 23 types of objects: guns, fireworks, spray cans, knives, axes, scissors, lighter fluid, nail polish, bottled liquids, glass bottles, thermos bottles, plastic bottles, handcuffs, nightsticks, brass knuckles, lighters, tools, electronic products, mobile phones, powerbanks, laptops, umbrellas, High density objects

  • Greater Data Security

    The Dahua security screening machine uses Linux-based operation system, making it more secure and more stable. It offers better performance compared with other OS Supports HDD storage capacity management and RAID Disk mode includes: single disk, RAID0/1/5 (enterprise level), global hot spare. Uses RAID1/5 to achieve better data reliability, availability and performance

  • People Baggage Linkage

    When checking baggage images: System can link 2 camera recordings. The recordings can show the luggage that carries Prohibited objects.

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Intelligent Security Screening Machine


Security Screening Machine


Intelligent Security Screening Machine


Intelligent Security Screening Machine


Intelligent Security Screening Machine


Intelligent Security Screening Machine


Intelligent Security Screening Machine


Intelligent Security Screening Machine


Intelligent Security Screening Machine