Bakken, the World’s Oldest Amusement Park, Deploys Dahua PCFC Solution


Like most business establishments in the world impacted by the pandemic, amusement parks that rely solely on seasonal business have to even open up during the summer period in order to maintain their operations. In this case, what troubles business owners of such crowded places is that they need to take special safety precautions to avoid congestion.

Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park owned by the Danish government since 1583, was facing strict restrictions from the government in order to reopen the park for guests. It brought frustration to the park management because it is an open park located in an extended area of a large forest, and there is no specific gate or toll gate to control the large flow of visitors. Therefore, they required a solution that can help them keep track of the real-time number of guests in the park at all times and provide specific data from the previous weeks.

Designed for people counting and flow control, Dahua Technology´s PCFC solution turned out to be the perfect choice for Bakken Park. At the same time, it is also a practical tool that can assist in optimizing their daily operation and decision-making in the long run through a series of intelligent analysis functions.


The implementation of the project also faces some challenges. First, there are 5 different entrances in the park and some of them are too wide to be covered by a single camera. Second, lighting conditions are tough due to the shadows created by trees in the park, making it hard to get an accurate count in the outdoor environment. Third, the delivery time was tight.


Given the aforementioned circumstances, the Dahua Denmark team customized a solution consisting of 7x HFW5442E-ZE, 5x PFS3110-8ET-96, and DSS Pro License 64 Channels + BI Module for the client.

The Dahua AI-based People Counting Camera (HFW5442E-ZE) with its 140DB WDR function and large image sensor achieves an astonishing counting accuracy of 97.5%, even under difficult outdoor environment with lots of shadows.

Note: This system is only for people counting.

The DSS PRO+BI made it possible to export valuable counting data for future business opportunities, allowing the park to understand their customers better and adjust business strategies based on statistics such as customer profiles and preferences, traffic flow during peak hours, the impact of weather and temperature on customer flow, etc., thus increasing the park’s appeal to its customers. In addition, the park can even conduct marketing campaigns based on the amount of visitors coming in at specific entrances and at specific timeslots.

Furthermore, it has laid the foundation for the VMS software of the entire surveillance system where all cameras are being replaced by Dahua products. The system is being migrated to an end-to-end Dahua solution with the current scale of 105 cameras.


The whole project was completed within just five days with Dahua local team’s onsite support.

“Welcome here at Bakken, I’m happy that we are even open today. The terms and guidelines for opening were announced by the authorities due to the current situation here in 2020. One of the requirements was to know the exact number of present guests in the park at any given time. It led us to adopt the people counting solution from Dahua Technology, which gives us a combined counting number of our 5 entrances,” said Niels Erik Winter, CEO of Bakken.

“It is a solution that we expect to make much more use of since the data and statistics provided creates a lot of other potential business and marketing possibilities for us,” Winter added.

Expansion of other parts within DSS PRO has been well accepted in the future plans of Bakken, which again serves as another proof of how advanced technology can provide intelligent solutions with reduced labor costs and 24/7 protection for customers. Digital signage might be the next step. It can generate different content based on the number of guests or specific hours, providing an opportunity for the park to increase their earnings through advertisement.