Dahua Video Surveillance Provides Peace of Mind in over 100 Brazilian Cities


HANGZHOU, CHINA/October 9, 2014—Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, is known for its vitality and passion. As a member of the BRIC countries, it has become one of the fastest growing major economies. The country is now the home to more and more international events, don’t even to mention that Brazil is one of the dream destinations to the tourists around the world. However, all the signs that demonstrate its strength and ever-lasting developing also lead to a reality — the fast urbanization and expansion brings security issues, so how to deal with them is a question laid before the authorities.

As a matter of fact, the Brazil government started to launch a national safe city project years ago, and Dahua was one of the brand that used in the security deployment in over 100 cities, which are lying across the coast from southern part all the way up to the north, from the state Santa Catarina to Roraima, including cities such as Florianópolis, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and etc.; over tens of thousands pieces of Dahua devices have been adopted in the whole project, and below is an example with safe city project in Florianópolis.

Florianópolis, the capital city of Santa Catarina, is known for its beautiful beach scenery and high quality life; its pillar economies are information technology, tourism and services. Although it is revealed as one of the highest economic well-being city in Brazil, less-developed region does exist as well, just like any city elsewhere in the world. Naturally, the products and deployment are required to be different and to-the-actual-condition under the goal of two “M”s — to minimize crimes and maximize citizens’ safety.

For the rich zone, cameras are mainly installed at the crossroads, public entrances, schools gates and elsewhere with high traffic flow, though you need to pay more attention to the privacy in the area, and privacy masking function provided in Dahua DVR is perfect for the region, which allows to set maximum four masking areas of each channel. As for the less well-ordered areas, such as shabby town, more focus are put on the key observation sectors, according to the data provided by police; thus, domes and fixed cameras are used as combination to better fix and follow the target.

Moreover, the data are processed in Dahua DVR, and the volume is transmitted to its higher platform for overall management. The whole system runs Dahua comprehensive central management software and some customized functions are integrated to CMS to make it more timely responsive.

Meanwhile, a series of customization are offered in this case. Dahua redesigned user interface and added USB and wireless WIFI modules; in addition, a network wizard in judging errors was built into the device to help technicians to diagnose the problem in a more effective way. As for cameras, image parameters and switching time (day/night) were customized as well. Moreover, Dahua prepared a lot of special materials in this case, such as special printing, color packaging, labels, specifications and CD, all the work were carefully double-checked and received with pretty good feedbacks.

"It is noteworthy that we successfully accomplished a large project like this," said William Zhou, Sales Director of Latin-America and Africa at Dahua Technology. "Actually, we see this project as an immersive safe city experience accumulator, during which, we spent a lot of time in communication and gave quite a strong support to make sure everything goes right.”
"We reinforced our strength in an all-around way, and learned to have more alternatives and approaches to deal with a problem and then take care of it, finally work out with a solution in a both time and money saving way, and that is why experience matters," Zhou added.