Dahua Megapixel Surveillance System Safeguards City of Moinesti in Romania


HANGZHOU, China / September 24, 2013 — Moinesti, a city in Bacău County, Romania, recently upgrades its municipal surveillance system for the sake of its safety improvement and criminality prevention by installing Dahua Megapixel surveillance system. With strong support of Dahua’s local distributor and system integrator — KMW Systems and Mobilis, the project has been successfully implemented to safeguard city of Moinesti.


The challenge of this project is covering multiple monitoring sites from roads, parks, school and public areas alike. These sites have one thing in common which is opened area and it requires a monitoring center to manage hundreds of network cameras and to process and store massive data flows as well as to respond quickly if any incident or unusual signals are occurred.

Meanwhile, when choosing cameras, several factors were taken into consideration, such as detailed image quality, outdoor environment and varies of monitoring backgrounds; the suitable lens applied to the network camera is also a big concern.

With no doubts, the IP solution is definitely the answer to all the challenges. Therefore, the whole project lays importance in three dimensions — IP data transmission, video surveillance devices and central management software (CMS).


The finalized solution consists of nearly 200 units of Dahua megapixel network cameras and speed domes, a pair of high-channel network video recorders as well as 11 units of network keyboards.

The monitoring center is situated in the local police department whereas hundreds of megapixel cameras are managed and mass data volume is centrally processed and stored. The office uses seven units of Dahua servers equipped with a quad-core processing chip and HDDs of high capacity to run Dahua CMS and NVRs, in order to fully ensure the smooth operation, data safety and system stability. Meanwhile, the bureau adopts 7 units of 42-inch 1080p LCD video-walls to take control of all on-going images. At the transmission front, optic fiber is featured in the project as physical support for data transmission while the auxiliary devices are wirelessly deployed.

A local municipal official pointed out that the project is designed to combat crimes in an effective and friendly way, which also leads to an optimization of police operations. “The municipal government has received quite a lot credits from our citizens since the deployment of the project,” unnamed official added.

"Through this project, it demonstrates Dahua’s HD network solution is lived up to high standards that city of Moinesti requires,” said Michael Chen, Vice President of Dahua Technology. “With ample city surveillance projects in China, we surely have the capabilities for the projects alike.”

"Our HD network solution includes front-end, back-end as well as TV wall, given that our products and technologies are differentiating with other suppliers can offer,” added Chen. “We will continue to offer solution-based solution to our customers not only for city surveillance projects but also other vertical markets, such as retail, hotel and transportation.”

Figure 1/2 Project Photo — Residential Area