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> Adopts high-performance CMOS image sensor and processor for indepth extraction and analysis of vehicle information 24/7

> Embraces deep learning algorithm for accurate recognition of vehicles without license plate, and vehicle model, vehilce logo, vehicle series, vehicle color, and more

> Various signal, data and communication interfaces; supports connecting to extra devices, such as barrier

> Built-in LED illuminator for simplified installation

> Motorized vari-focal lens, easy for installation and commissioning

> Integrated design with low power consumption, and IP67 protection grade

> Support Brazilian and Mercosul plates

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  • Basic

    Illuminator Number

    6 white light illuminators, brightness adjustable

    Image Sensor

    1/2.8'' CMOS

    Image Resolution

    1920 × 1080 (OSD black strip excluded)

    Video Resolution

    Main stream: 1080P (1920 × 1080)/720P (1280 × 720)
    Sub stream: 720P (1280 × 720)/D1 (704 × 576, 704 × 480)/CIF (352 × 288, 352 × 240)

    Video Frame Rate

    PAL: Main stream (1920 × 1080@25fps, 1280 × 720@25fps), sub stream (1280 × 720@25fps, 704 × 576@25fps, 352 × 288@25fps)
    NTSC: Main stream (1920 × 1080@30fps, 1280 × 720@30fps), sub stream (1280 × 720@30fps, 704 × 408@30fps, 352 × 240@30fps)

    Bit Rate

    H.264B: 32Kbps–32768Kbps
    H.264M: 32Kbps–32768Kbps
    H.264H: 32Kbps–32768Kbps
    H.265: 32Kbps–32768Kbps
    MJPEG: 512Kbps–65536Kbps

    Video Compression


    Picture Encoding Format


    Noise Reduction


    White Balance

    Full auto, auto color temperature range, customized color temperature

    Electronic Shutter Speed

    1/50–1/10000, auto or manual


    96 db

    Edge Enhancement


    Exposure Mode

    Full auto, customized auto, customized

    Iris Control

    Auto iris (W: 1.6–T: 3.3)


    Trigger Mode

    Video detection; I/O coil; video detection and I/O coil


    Single shutter


    1 built-in TF card port. Supports Kingston 16G, 32G, 64G, and 128G; Dahua 16G, 32G, 64G, and 128G; SanDisk 16G, 32G, 64G, and 128G

    Image Tampering Prevention

    Yes. Video/picture can be checked through watermark and verification

    Field of View

    Horizontal: 108.1° (W)–30.3° (T);

    Vertical: 56.3° (W)–17.1° (T);

    Diagonal: 130.9° (W)–34.8° (T)

    Illumination Distance

    12 m (39.37 ft)

    Capture Range

    3 m–6 m (9.84 ft–19.69 ft)

    Detected Lane Width

    3 m –4 m (9.84 ft–13.12 ft)

    Min Ambient Illuminance

    0.002 Lux. Illuminator is designed with the camera for illumination

    Max Speed that the Camera Detects

    50 km/h *

    Alarm Event

    Alarm in the case of no storage card, not enough storage space, storage card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, and illegal access


    Authorized username and password, MAC address binding, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1x, and network access control

    OSD Overlay

    Supports overlay of time, address (position of channel), lane (number/direction), plate (number and color), vehicle (speed, color, type)

    Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR)

    Yes. Platform/FTP

    Auto Registration



    Vehicle Detection

    Vehicle capture rate ≥99%

    Vehicle Recognition

    Supports recognizing vehicle type, vehicle logo, vehicle series, vehicle color,
    license plate, features of driver and front-seat passenger, and vehicle without
    plate. Vehicle recognition rate ≥95%

    Video Metadata


    Intelligent Track Frame

    Intelligent frame display. Supports displaying vehicle plate and vehicle path


    Lens Mount


    Analog Output



    1 100/1000M Ethernet port (RJ-45)





    Alarm Input

    3, optocoupler input (on-off input)

    Alarm Output

    3 ports. 2-channel optocoupler output, 1-channel relay output, which can connect to devices such as barriers

    Audio Input

    1-channel RCA port

    Audio Output

    1-channel RCA port


    Power Supply

    12V DC, 24V AC, PoE

    Power Consumption

    < 20W

    Operating Temperature

    −30°C to +65°C (−22°F to +149 °F)

    Operating Humidity

    10%RH–90%RH (no condensation)


    Metal and plastic

    Protection Grade



    486.7 mm × 124.3 mm × 185.5 mm (19.16'' × 4.89'' × 7.30'') (L × W × H)

    Net Weight

    1.9 kg (4.19 lb)

    Gross Weight

    3.3 kg (7.28 lb)


    Installed with bracket


    3.2 mm–10.5 mm

    * Firmware customized to Brazilian projects