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Easy Deployment & Cost Down

Power via Ethernet (PvE):

Only the first device needs to access the wire and power cord, and the other connected devices can be powered by Ethernet cable.

• Up to 6 dual-lens cameras or 10 single lens cameras can be connected in series connecton.

• Reduce UTP cable deployment and cost (83%) .

• Reduce the quan es of switches.

• Reduce the power cable.

• Reduce the cost of cable tray (63%) .

Flexible spot detectng choices

• Different parking scenes have cost-effectve solutons respectvely.

• 2Mega spot camera could detect two parking spaces. 3Mega spot camera could detect three parking spaces.

• 3Mega dual-lens spot camera could even detect six parking spaces, which could save over 25% of the cost for every parking space.

• Indoor parking area
• Indoor parallel parking

ITC-214 can be further used to detect parallel parking spaces as shown in the picture if necessary.

• Indoor Parking area

Owing to the adjustable two axis, ITC-314-PH2A-TF series support angled parking space detecton for up to 4 parking spaces.