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Inovação Tecnológica | Alta Qualidade | Solução End-to-End

Entrance & Exit

• Take in everything in a glance

Available number is counted by software and displayed on the outdoor screen (DHI-IPMPGI series). Multi-area display (max 6 areas) is supported. Before driving inside, drivers could see the available number clearly via the LED screen.

Info Screen would show the indication information for the driver when enter or exit.

• No ticket and no stop

Vehicle access is controlled by ANPR Camera, without any tickets. It improves traffic flow with no delays.

ANPR Camera: Capture and recognize the vehicle plate, support video/loop detection and enable the barrier to open. Embedded with LPR algorithm, the camera could control barrier even when the management software is offline.Recognition rate ≥ 95%.

• There is always a way in and out

Call to administration center via VTO while abnormal situation occurs or visitors come.

• Flexible setting of access authorization

Block/Allow List setting. Flexible template with plate, time, lane-channel and etc.