Full-color 2.0

With constant improvements in software and hardware, the new generation of full-color technology is now equipped with dual-sensor structure and software optimization. It can output high-quality color images even when the white light is off which greatly reduces light pollution. In addition, its 4K resolution makes it possible to catch vivid color details at night. It also offers optical zoom and AI features that help save costs and improve work efficiency, making it suitable for a variety of application scenarios.The IR illuminator is normally on at night. When the target is detected by the camera, the warm light turns on and the camera records the full-color video and information of key events. When the target is out of the monitored area, the warm light turns off and the IR illuminator turns back on, which helps reduce light pollution in the area.
Full-color Key Technologies
Smart Dual Illuminators: Flexible switching between Full-color and IR modes

• Smart Illumination (Default): Switch between IR Illuminator and warm light when a target is detected.

  • Human target is out of the monitored area

  • Human target is detected by the camera

  • Human target leaves the monitored area

*For HAC cameras, switching between IR illuminator and warm light is integrated with Perimeter Protection or SMD Plus of the AI XVR.

• IR Mode (Optional): Only the IR illuminator is ON. It is suitable for scenes where supplementary warm light is not required, significantly reducing light pollution.

• Warm Light Mode (Optional): Only the warm light is ON. It is suitable for scenes that require color video footages.

IR Mode(Optional)

IR illuminator is ON throughout the whole process Environment friendly and reduces light pollution

Warm Light Mode(Optional)

Warm illuminator is ON throughout the whole process Records full-color video and captures event details

Mobile App: Remotely manage camera illumination anywhere, anytime

Illumination By Schedule: Set illumination modes according to different time periods

Illumination Plan

Illumination Modes

  • Smart Illumination
  • Warm Light Mode
  • IR Mode

Time Periods

  • 7 days, Sunday – Saturday
  • 24-hour cycle

*This feature will be implemented on Dahua Smart Dual Illuminators IPC.


  • Dual Light Fusion technology works even without the supplementary white light, reducing light pollution.
  • High Precision AA (Active Alignment) Process

4K Color Image

  • Its 1/1.2’’ advanced CMOS provides 110% pixel size increase compared with conventional 8MP sensor.


  • Its 2.7mm-12mm focal length provides approx. 5x optical zoom.

AI Features

  • It offers AI Search using color attributes and AI Schedule based on different time periods.
Full-color 2.0 Camera Performance
SMD Plus: Smart Motion Detection Plus

Equipped with deep learning algorithm, the Dahua SMD Plus focuses on human and vehicle targets and filters out false alarms triggered by irrelevant objects.

*For HAC cameras, this function works with AI XVR. PTZ cameras only support SMD (human detection) at the moment.

Perimeter Protection

Powered by deep learning algorithm, the Dahua Perimeter Protection technology can accurately recognize human and vehicle targets. In restricted areas such as pedestrian zones and parking lots, false alarms caused by irrelevant objects can be significantly reduced.

Traditional IVS

Missed and false alarms

Inefficient video search functionality

Poor adaptability

Perimeter Protection

Human and vehicle classifications.

Quick Search function

Suitable for a variety of scenarios

*For PTZ and HAC cameras, this function works with AI back-end products.

Quick Search

Extract and classify human and vehicle targets from a massive amount of video data, making it easier for end users to trace and analyze data history. Human and vehcile search options are available for playback to quickly locate the target of interest and save time.

*For PTZ and HAC cameras, this function works with AI back-end products.


Color images can be outputted without turning on the supplementary white light. It can significantly help reduce light pollution in the area, making the camera an environment-friendly device.

4K Color Image

  • Ultra HD Full-color night vision
  • 42% brightness increase compared with conventional 8MP camera
  • Realizes ultra low illumination and real-time 4K color images


Adopts motorized vari-focal lens and auto focus function, providing great convenience and saving time and labor costs.

AI Search

  • Works together with Dahua 5-I/L series NVR to enable AI search and extract event videos
  • Extracts color attributes of human and vehicle targets such as clothes color, car exterior, etc.
  • Improves search efficiency and reduces labor costs
Application Scenario

Villa at night

  • 24/7 color monitoring captures vivid details.
  • No need for white light, thus reducing light pollution.
  • Approx. 5x optical zoom covers narrow indoor spaces and wide outdoor scenarios.

Retail Shop

  • People counting at day time, perimeter protection at night time.
  • 4K resolution provides more details of the event.
  • Restores the real color information accurately.

Parking lot at night

  • Focuses on the color attributes of people's clothes and vehicle's exterior.
  • Extracts the color information of intruders to help speed up investigation.