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Dahua CEE&Nordic Warranty Policy

Dahua CEE&Nordic Product Warranty

Applicable Region and Date

This document sets forth the return and repair policy applicable to the products that are purchased from Dahua authorized distributors starting from 1st, January, 2020 in CEE&Nordic Region. (“Dahua”).

The CEE&Nordic region refers to the markets as below listed – Poland, Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Norway, Sweden, Republic of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine

DAHUA accepts the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) requests from the Direct Purchasers and Authorized Distributors. If you have any problem about our products, please contact the Distributor from whom you bought the products.

Dahua reserves the right to either amend or cancel this RMA Policy, in part or its entirety, at any time and with or without notice. If there is any conflict with contract terms and conditions, the contract terms and conditions shall prevail.

Warranty Period

Dahua hardware products are generally covered by a THREE (3) year warranty. Several products may have different warranty period. Please check below table for more details:

Warranty term starting dates – The warranty period for any product start on the date that the distributor ships and invoices the product to dealer/end-users, whereas it cannot be later than 6 months from the date of release from DAHUA’s warehouse.

Product Line

Warranty Period

Network Cameras, including EZ-IP series

36 months

Network Recorders, including EZ-IP series

36 months

Analog Cameras, including Cooper series

36 months

Analog Video Recorders, including Cooper series

36 months

Network PTZ

36 months

IP Storage

36 months

Intelligent Building

-Video Intercoms, Access Control, Gate,Alarms

36 months


36 months


36 months


36 months

Display & Control

- Keyboard, Decoder, Matrix,Television

- Monitors, LCD Video Walls, Digital Signature, Interactive LCD Displays

36 months

Mobile Portable Terminal

- Mobile Recorder

- Mobile Cameras

- Portable Products

36 months

Security & Inspection

24 months

Thermal Cameras

Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Camera:24months

Thermal Camera:36 months

Storage Medium

Surveillance HDD series:36 months

Enterprise HDD series:60 months

SSD:36 months

USB Flash Drive:60 months

Memory Card:24 months, of which C100 series have a warranty period of 84 months


36 months, including CVI accessories, wireless and power supplies

Cable: 120 months

Video Conference

Audio and Paperless Product:12 months

Intelligent Display:12 months

Video Communication:36 months

Dahua Defect-on-Arrival (“DOA”) Process Procedures:

If you receive products that are found to be Defect on Arrival(“DOA”) – either: (1) not in good working order right out of box; or (2) found to be defective within 30days from the date of purchase, after Dahua verification, you are authorized to receive an automatic new device replacement. Please submit a ticket through Dahua CEE&Nordic Helpdesk portal (https://dahua.support) with information - Model Name, Serial Number, Purchase Proof and defect descriptions to let us help you.

Limitations & Waiver:

1 Alterations will void any warranties the products may have, or had. Examples of alterations may include:

- Counterfeit Dahua Product Label(s).

- Products with any of the labels missing.

- Jumpers, wires, or any other mechanical/electronic parts are added to the product.

- Any part or component is removed from the original product.

- PCBA/Lens/Housing/Other Parts are disassembled then assembled incorrectly.

- Any attempt to repair or alter a product outside of a Dahua RMA Center.

- Labels have been switched:

- Genuine Dahua labels on non-Dahua products.

- Genuine Dahua label(s) on different Dahua product(s).

- Labels exhibit tampering.

- Label missing standard printing such as FCC, UL or Serial Number or Model Name.

- Serial number on a product does not match with the packaging for such product.

- Any other change in original state of the product.

2 Any physical, or accidental, damage to a product will void any warranties the products may have, or had. Examples of physical, or accidental, damage may include:

- Broken pins on connectors

- Blown power board due to applying wrong voltage and/or current.

- Connector(s) are damaged, cracked, missing or broken.

- Damaged components on the circuit boards.

- Dented product case / housing.

- Torn or punctured lens cover, case and/or any other parts.

- Deep scratch on the Product.

- Loose, damaged, or missing screws.

- Missing circuit board(s)

- Obscured fan/heater parts (if applicable).

- Stripped mounting hole threads,

3 The malfunction of a part is determined to be due to a Customer Induced Defect or Damage (“CID”) including but not limited to an attempted repair, unauthorized repair, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, installation and connection, malfunction of a peripheral device(s), rust or deterioration caused by improper storage, will void any warranties the products may have, or had.

4 DAHUA shall not be responsible for the removal of system settings in Products repaired. When sending the Product for repair, a copy of settings should be saved so that it is available should the data be lost. DAHUA shall not be responsible also for the loss of data saved on hard disks or other media.

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