Extensibility, Accessibility, Convenience, HD Video: A Look at Dahua’s New EACH Series 2-wire Hybrid Villa Kit


January 9, 2023

Security of our home is everyone’s top priority. With the advent of modern technology, more and more property owners equip their homes with a reliable video intercom system. According to the report released by the DigitalJournal, residential use is the most common application of video intercom. What’s more, the global video intercom devices market size is estimated to be 3014.1 million USD by 2028 with a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period 2022-2028.

Following this emerging technological trend, Dahua has recently released the EACH Series 2-wire Hybrid Villa Kit that redefines the 2-wire system and offers enhanced user experience in villa scenario. To tell us more about it, here’s Mr. Jack Lyu , Product Manager at Dahua Technology.

Hi Mr. Lyu! Can you tell us what a video intercom system is? What are its common pain points and challenges in villa scenario?

Hello! A video intercom system is an advanced type of door opening system that utilizes a camera. It supports communication between the resident of the property and their visitors. Unlike traditional intercoms that relies on voice communication only, residents can either view live video or listen to voice audio captured by the door station device to verify a visitor’s identity before granting access.

Regarding pain points, one of the most common challenges in installing a video intercom is its cost itself. Existing wires of traditional intercom systems cannot be reused when upgrading, and it typically incurs a huge amount of money to rewire these existing wires. Image quality has been a major concern as well, as traditional analog systems cannot achieve HD quality footages. Also, traditional 2-wire analog intercom systems only supports audio, which as we all know is not that reliable. A hybrid intercom system is an ideal solution to address these issues.

Can you explain further what a hybrid intercom system can offer?

Sure. Dahua’s hybrid intercom system, like the EACH series, combines the ease of using traditional analog intercom products with Plug & Play. At the same time, it also takes into account the HD-quality video, user experience and function expansion of the IP system. It supports remote answering, unlocking, monitoring, etc. of the indoor monitor via a mobile app.

What is EACH series? What does EACH stands for?

The four letters of EACH represent extensibility, accessibility, convenience and HD video respectively. It is a new product series launched through years of business accumulation and technology development in the field of visual intercom. We have made significant innovations in the product design, technical solutions, interactive experience, packaging design and other aspects, providing our partners and customers with a new and ideal product offering.

As a 2-wire system, what are the benefits of EACH series?

The EACH series redefines the 2-wire system. The demand for upgrading an old residential intercom system has always existed, and EACH addresses it by replacing an audio intercom with video intercom, and upgrading standard definition footages to high definition videos. This kit adopts 2MP CMOS wide dynamic range camera for better communication. It offers up to 200m transmission distance from the indoor monitor to the outdoor station, which allows users to respond from any corner of the house. It also support Wi-fi connection and Plug & Play. In terms of functionality, this kit offers a user friendly interface (with card-based metaphors),supports HDCVI cameras for low loss and reliable surveillance, links with wired alarm detectors to send alerts in time, and provides real-time remote intercom monitoring and door opening through the DMSS app. In addition, the original cables of the building can be reused during the transformation and upgrading. No rewiring is required, thus saving labor costs.

What is the core component of the system?

As the core of the whole 2-wire hybrid system, the indoor monitor connects with the intercom system, peripheral devices and public network. It has significantly changed from a traditional voice answering terminal to a comprehensive “control center” that integrates intercom unlocking, video monitoring and alarm arming/disarming.

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