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S5500-24GF4XF EoL-L

High-performance 1000M Ethernet Switches

> High Scalability, Protecting Investments
> IRF2
> Complete Security Control Policies
> Diversified QoS Policies
> High Availability
> Environment Friendliness and Energy Saving
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    Switching capacity

    256 Gbit/s

    Packet forwarding rate


    Fixed port

    24 x 100/1000Base-X optical port (8 x Combo port)

    4 x 10G BASE-X SFP+ optical port

    Link aggregation

    Supports the following link aggregation features:

    ●GE/10GE port aggregation

    ●Dynamic aggregation

    ●Cross-device aggregation


    Supports the following port features:

    IEEE802.3x-based traffic control (full duplex)

    Storm suppression based on port rate percentage

    PPS-based and BPS-based storm suppression


    Supports the following IRF2 features:


    ●Stacking via standard Ethernet interfaces

    ●Local stacking and remote stacking

    ●Distributed device management and distributed link aggregation

    IP routing

    Supports static routing.


    Supports the following VLAN features:

    ●Port-based VLANs

    ●Protocol-based VLANs

    ●QinQ and flexible QinQ

    ●VLAN mapping

    ●Voice VLANs

    ●Guest VLANs


    Supports the following ACL features:

    Packet filtering on layer 2 (L2) to layer 4 (L4)

    ●Flow classification based on the source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, TCP/UDP port, IP protocol type, and VLAN

    ●ACLs based on time ranges

    ●Global issuance of ACLs based on ports or VLANs


    Supports the following QoS features:

    ●Restriction of the packet receiving rate and packet transmission rate on ports

    ●Packet redirection

    ●Eight output queues on each port

    ●Queue scheduling on ports (SP, WRR, and SP+WRR)

    ●Re-marking of 802.1p and DSCP priorities of packets


    Supports the following DHCP features:

    ●DHCP Client

    ●DHCP Snooping

    ●DHCP Snooping option82

    ●DHCP Relay

    ●DHCP Server

    ●DHCP auto-config (zero configuration)


    Supports the following multicast features:

    ●IGMP Snooping/MLD Snooping

    ●Multicast VLANs

    Layer-2 ring network protocol

    Supports STP, RSTP, MSTP, and PVST.


    Supports 802.1ag and 802.3ah.


    Supports the following mirroring features:

    ●Port mirroring

    ●Remote switched port analyzer (RSPAN)

    ●Traffic mirroring


    Supports the following security features:

    Level-based user management and password protection

    802.1X authentication and centralized MAC address authentication

    Guest VLANs

    RADIUS authentication

    SSH 2.0

    Port isolation

    Port security

    Restriction on the number of learned MAC addresses

    Protection of source IP addresses

    Detection of ARP intrusion

    IP address + MAC address + port multi-element binding

    Management and maintenance

    Supports the following management and maintenance features:

    ●Loading and upgrade via XModem, FTP, or TFTP

    ●Configurations via the CLI, Telnet and Console port

    ●SNMPv1/v2/v3 and Web-based network management

    ●RMON alarms, events, and history records

    ●Intelligent management centers

    ●Output of system logs, hierarchical alarms, and debugging information


    ●Ping and Tracert

    ●Virtual Cable Test (VCT)

    ●Device Link Detection Protocol (DLDP)

    ●Loopback detection for ports

    ●Temperature alarms for the power sources and fans

    ●CPU protection

    Environment friendliness and energy saving

    Supports the following energy saving features:

    ●EEE (802.3az)

    ●Automatic power down function of ports

    ●Scheduled down function of ports (schedule job)

    Input voltage

    Rate voltage range:

    AC: 100 V–240V, 50/60 Hz

    DC: –36 V to –72 V

    Dimensions (length x width x height) (unit: mm)

    440 x 360 x 43.6

    Power consumption

    Static: 30 W (AC) or 38 W (DC)

    Full load: 60 W (AC) or 68 W (DC)

    Operating ambient temperature

    0ºC (32°F)–45ºC (113°F)

    Relative operating ambient humidity (non-condensing)