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Smart Interactive Multimedia System

Smart Interactive Multimedia System (SIMS) is mainly designed for managing smart interactive whiteboards and to meet the extensive needs of meeting rooms, offices, classrooms and other scenes. Through SIMS, users can know the status of the smart interactive whiteboards, schedule meetings, upgrade the system, etc., helping them to manage and maintain the equipment and bringing an excellent user experience.

> View status/information and remotely upgrade/control the whiteboard (restart, wake up, sleep, take screenshots, etc.).

> Schedule meetings, edit minutes, upload attachments, add and notify participants through email.

> Generate meeting reports and whiteboard status based on preferred dates.

> Add, edit, or delete groups. Users can be divided into different groups for easier management.

> Add, edit, or delete roles. Granted permissions are based on the role of the user. Thus, different users can have different permissions.

> Add, edit, or delete users. After logging in to SIMS, users can only manage and use interactive whiteboards of their group.

> Manage log records of users and whiteboards.

> Add, edit, or delete management of groups, roles, users and conference rooms, and configure service parameters.

> Send real-time push notifications to smart interactive whiteboards, such as emergency alert, etc. (* available soon).

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