HDCVI 2023


With the mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living", Dahua has been continuously active in providing more opportunities to customers as well as improving its services with innovations and technological advancements.
Ten years is a milestone. The Dahua HDCVI 2023 is starting a new decade. Adhering to the concept of “See clearer, Go smarter", HDCVI will continue to lead customers to explore a better future.


Real 5MP 2.0

Real 5MP Mode

5MP Solutions

  • We offer two 5MP Solutions (5MP Pro and 5MP Value) to meet the different needs of customers. The 5MP Pro solution is recommended for users that require higher and more powerful performance.

    5mp Real 5MP Mode
    Newly-added Real 5MP Mode on XVR5000-I3 series, providing a more cost-effective 5MP Value solution.
    Flexible Switch Flexible Switch
    5MP Mode and 5M-N Mode can be flexibly switched to meet different resolution requirements.

    *Note: The above information are only available for specific models. For more details, please contact your local technical support.

  • For 5MP Solution, we offer two solutions (5MP Pro and 5MP Value) to meet the different needs of customers. The 5MP Pro solution is recommended for users that require higher and more powerful performance.

    5MP Solution

Smart Dual Light

  • Smart Dual Light

    Records full-color videos and information of key events using Smart Dual Light.

  • Smart Dual Light

    Switches between warm light and IR light when a human target is detected, effectively reducing light pollution.

  • Smart Dual Light

    Accurately detects real target and filters out false alarms using deep learning algorithm from AI-XVR..

  • Smart Dual Light

    Offers flexible configuration with one-click function on the DMSS app to switch illumination modes.

  • Smart Dual Light

    Supports Illumination By Schedule function to customize your security based on your time preferences.

  • Business Hours: 9:00-21:00

    During business hours, the shopkeeper can set the illumination mode to IR so that the camera’s warm light is not triggered while the shop is still open at night.

  • Closing Hours: 21:00-9:00

    During closing hours, the shopkeeper can set the illumination mode to Smart Dual Light. The camera will only turn on the warm light when a target appears in the rule area.

PT Camera

HDCVI’s new PT camera features a new compact design that supports horizontal and vertical rotation, enabling wider area coverage from a single camera. With its IP66 protection rating, it can be flexibly used in indoor or outdoor scenarios.

PT Camera

Through the OSD menu, XVR, or DMSS app, the camera can achieve a pan range from 0° to 355°and a tilt range from 0° to 90°, covering every corner without any dead angles.

  • Quick-to-Install Structure

    PT Camera
    It adopts quick-to-install design, enabling quick and convenient installation and saving installation time. It offers 2 quick-to-install pedestals that are suitable for various installation methods such as wall mount and celling mount.
  • Smart Area Lighting

    PT Camera
    The Smart Area Lighting technology allows the camera to automatically adjust the brightness and intensity of the exposure, thereby improving the filling light uniformity of the monitored scene. It achieves the best filling light performance and restores more details.


The newly released S-XVR has an internal SSD that offers various benefits including budget-friendly cost, low power consumption and less hassle. The Dahua S-XVR conveys the concept of smart, stable and simple, providing customers with a better choice compared with traditional XVR.






  • AI Coding

    Dahua AI Coding focuses on human and vehicle targets while encoding, ensuring the target's image quality while saving 50% bandwidth and storage costs compared with H.265.

    SMD Plus

    SMD Plus, also known as Smart Motion Detection Plus, can recognize human and vehicle figures based on motion detection, which significantly helps reduce false alarms. In addition, the Quick Search function with options for human and vehicle trigger types greatly improves searching efficiency.

  • Utilizing the different structures of SSD and HDD, the S-XVR is more shock-resistant and noise-resistant, with better heat dissipation.

  • Compared with HDD solutions, S-XVR has superior power saving advantages. In scenarios that require 24/7 constant operation, S-XVR can save at least 38kWh of power per year, which is equivalent to the power consumption of a 3W LED light for about 3 years.

  • The S-XVR has pre-installed SSD that can significantly reduce installation time, saving customers time in choosing hard disks, calculating hard disk capacity, and considering compatibility issues. At the same time, Dahua provides customers with SSD compatible programs. Users only need to purchase Dahua SSD and upgrade their traditional XVR.