Dahua Security System Assists Safe and Efficient Operation in Brazilian Hospital


With an intense flow of people 24 hours a day, state-of-the-art technological equipment and a vital role to save lives, a hospital needs to operate well at all times. Therefore, a reliable security systems is necessary to ensure the safety of its facilities and patients, and to enhance operational efficiency.

With its 165 years of operation, the Real Hospital Português de Beneficência in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco is considered to be the most complete medical center in the Northern and Northeastern regions of Brazil. Offering medical excellence and fully equipped devices, it provides top-notch medical services and hospitality to its customers.

Such a legacy of excellence cannot be achieved without updating its medical services and implementing safety modernization for patients, employees and its facilities. Led by the hospital’s Property Security Management and STI, with the assistance of Brazilian company Redecam Sistemas, a new video monitoring project has started.


With a total area of more than 130,000 m2, the hospital has 5,600 employees and 2,000 doctors, serving approximately 15,000 emergency services, 2,500 hospitalizations and 1,500 surgeries per month. For this reason, the security system should be robust enough to keep up with the uninterrupted pace of hospital operations – from admission to discharge.


In order to achieve platform migration and expansion to adapt and improve its video monitoring technologies, the hospital’s Property Security Management has designed a project combining 800 IP cameras from Dahua Technology, including DH-IPC-HDBW1220EN, DH-IPC-HDBW1230EN and DH-IPC-HFW5431EN-Z. The models have been chosen because of their outstanding quality, cost-effective features and advanced technologies such as image filters, IR and motion detection which fully meet the project requirements.

With technical support from Redecam Sistemas, these devices were mainly installed indoors and in corridors for general monitoring and process control. Another set was installed for strategic purposes in outdoor areas such as parking lots, vehicle entry/exit areas, open areas with large flow of people and surrounding areas with buildings.

“The Dahua Technology’s cameras have several features and functionalities that provide us with different experiences in handling images, enabling us to obtain the best images in different environment conditions. With the quality of the presented images, we can more sensitively calibrate the different resources available in each solution,” explains André Silva, manager at Redecam Sistemas.

Regarding image quality, the expert adds that IR and WDR offers excellent performance and are essential features of the cameras, especially in low light environments. In some scenarios, Real Hospital Português uses the corridor format, which offers high-quality playback and can reduce the use of resources.


The Dahua system offering excellent image performance and user-friendly platform enables an optimized surveillance operation in the Real Hospital Português de Beneficência. At the same time, it also assists the hospital in providing better services for visitors and patients, as explained by André Silva: “The security plan was designed to meet the transition requirements for a modern and effective platform that covers the institution’s security integration, control and operations. Dahua Technology has met the project needs with cameras offering the best cost-benefit advantages combined with the best technologies available for tracking.”

In addition, the hospital’s parking lot now equipped with LPR cameras achieves excellent results and satisfies what was required in the project. “We have acquired Pinhole cameras for the parking gate terminals. For LPR cameras, in addition to quality, we highlight the filter features that minimize the impacts of different lighting levels and vehicle headlights,” André Silva added, who has also commented that some fish-eye cameras are also being tested for the same application.

With open technology, Dahua Technology’s solutions have been integrated with both third-party cameras and the SecurOSTM Enterprise software, which becomes one of the project’s strengths. “The SecurOSTM Enterprise platform and Dahua Technology’s cameras have provided an environment that meets the scale and needs of the project, combining quality, reliability and scalability which might be the challenges that new CCTV technologies present for the future and continuity of the project,” André Silva explained.

Thinking about the future, the next step may include expanding the number of cameras according to the needs and growth of the Real Hospital Português’ physical areas, which will benefit the institution with enhanced analytical resources, image correction filters and greater savings in bandwidth and storage.

It is no doubt that one of the oldest and most traditional hospitals in Pernambuco could soon be the first 4.0 hospital in the region, and Dahua Technology is in preparation with the necessary technologies to make this happen.

Client’s Quote

“With the technical support from Redecam Sistemas and Dahua Technology’s equipment, it was possible to add technical ease to our operations, which allowed us to maximize the monitoring operators’ routine, improving the Real Hospital Português’ security services,” Edinaldo Junior, Property Security Manager at Real Hospital Português de Beneficência.

Integrator’s Quote

“In addition to the partnership with the integrator and the local distributor’s training and agility, the cameras acquired from Dahua Technology present better cost-benefit advantages compared to the same product line of competitors, which meet the project demand,” André Silva, Manager at Redecam Sistemas.

Dahua Technology’s quotes

“Real Hospital Português is a successful case that shows that it is possible to take an intelligent video monitoring system to a hospital environment and offer a solution totally focused on prevention, data generation and protection of human life.” Fabio Lopes, Channels Director at Dahua Technology.