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Dahua Technology Upgrades Its Entry-level IP Surveillance System for Easier Connection, Use and Maintenance


Hangzhou, China / April 11, 2022 -Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, just upgraded the Dahua Entry-level IP surveillance system for a series of entry-level IP products, such as IP camera, NVR, switch, etc. to help users install and maintain equipment more easily while using IP security systems.

The upgrades make the system easier for connection, use and maintenance. End-users can quickly learn how to install an IP security system that shows high expansibility, openness and compatibility in certain scenarios.

Multiple connection modes are available for easy connection. PoE (Power over Ethernet) and WiFi technologies are used to reduce wiring difficulties for end-users and vendors when installing IP security systems.

Meanwhile, Plug&Play (PnP) enables the IP monitoring system to adapt to hardware changes with minimal intervention by the user. If the IP camera is plugged into the NVR's built-in switch, the camera will automatically initialize, while the pictures will appear directly on the NVR display. If IP camera is connected to an external PoE switch, the Plug&Play function needs to be manually enabled on the NVR interface. In this case, NVR will automatically search for IP camera in the LAN and add it automatically.

Easy use mainly relies on Dahua DMSS and Cos Pro (release in late April). By integrating the NVR channel management function in these two apps, end-users and installers can complete a series of operations, such as device search, initialization, channel addition, preview and drawing, on their phones, when configuring a small IP security system. There is no need for them to use additional monitors and laptops, which greatly simplifies the configuration of the IP system.

To make maintenance easier, the system supports binding device keychains through DMSS. When users forget the password, they can retrieve it on the DMSS app easily and quickly. Meanwhile, the device supports convenient cloud upgrades. When the device is hosted on the Cos platform, the installer can receive the fault information of the device on the Cos app, and do some basic fault handling remotely.

This upgraded entry-level IP surveillance system, as a simple step for users to enter the IP world, is mainly applicable in small shops, apartments, villas and other small security scenarios. Dahua continues to innovate for better user experience and create more values for customers around the world.