Jadara University Implements AI-enabled Dahua Smart Education Solution


The need for campus security is an increasingly concerning issue for all schools today. Traditional safety precautions and measures based on "human defense" are having difficulties adapting to the growth and development of schools. Particularly, larger schools and universities often requires upgraded security systems. Campus violence, theft, traffic safety and the current pandemic have prompted them to begin looking for more comprehensive "technical defense" measures with smart technologies capable of deterring suspicious people in advance as well as improving management efficiency.

Established in 2005, Jadara University is located in the northern province of Irbid Governorate in ordan. It consists of five multi-story teaching buildings with seven faculties, an indoor stadium, sport halls, a swimming pool and a gym. While pursuing internationalization to achieve global standards of excellence in teaching, research, creativity, community service and leadership, providing students with a safe environment is regarded as a key component in the overall success of the university. To achieve this goal, the university implemented a smart education solution powered by latest AI technologies from Dahua Technology to cover the main areas of the campus, providing 24/7 all-round security for students and teachers.


It is difficult to design and implement a complete solution that can seamlessly cover the whole vicinity of the university. Product selection for each location, the entire circuit design, and other factors must be taken into consideration.


Before the implementation of the project, the Dahua local team has conducted many field surveys in different locations inside the university and calculated the applicable bandwidth for the cameras and storage devices. In the end, they developed a customized solution consisting of 750 cameras, storage devices and other smart equipment to cover the entire university. It features intelligent functions such as thermal temperature monitoring, perimeter protection, and face recognition, providing three robust defense lines for students and teachers.

First Line: Thermal Temperature Monitoring

The Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution is used to monitor elevated skin temperature of people entering the campus. Delivering accurate alarms for abnormal skin temperature, together with other measures (such as facial masks and immediate isolation after finding abnormal temperature), it provides an additional layer of protection for students and staff.

Second Line: Perimeter Protection

Based on AI algorithm, the system can detect unauthorized people and vehicles that cross the school’s perimeter fence or warning line. It sends real-time alarms to the control room, preventing outsiders from intruding the monitored area.

Third Line: Face Recognition

The face recognition system is used to identify unauthorized people entering the campus, which significantly enhances security inside the university premises and provides necessary evidence for police investigation.

4K cameras featuring high-resolution monitoring are used to cover outdoor areas, while 2MP and 4MP cameras are installed to cover indoor facilities. As for public and open areas, PTZ cameras are deployed to provide long-range monitoring and capture details from multiple angles.

Wireless transmission is used to connect these devices, which is an effective and cost-effective long distance transmission method suitable for schools and universities.

Moreover, the Dahua Smart Conference Interactive Whiteboard was installed in the university’s meeting room to improve meeting and conference efficiency. With high performance CPU and GPU, the smart whiteboard integrates various functions and features such as multifunctional writing, wireless projection, conference content sharing, etc., making it an ideal choice for classrooms and other places where demonstration, information sharing and document management are needed.

Storage devices are kept in server room, whereas decoder devices are kept in two control rooms: one in the central room and the other in the concierge room. All cameras are added to EVS7048 in the main server room for video storage and managed by DSS7016, realizing an efficient one-platform management for all the devices.

Furthermore, the Dahua technical team also provided trainings for the staff of the university’s IT and security departments. The security personnel can manage all the devices and monitor every corner of the campus through 48 LED screens in the control room. They can also use mobile apps to monitor designated areas in real time from anywhere, and respond immediately in case an incident occurs.


The AI-enabled Dahua Smart Education Solution has significantly enhanced the overall security of Jadara University. It reduced damages and thefts on campus, especially in laboratories and other vulnerable facilities, providing students, teachers and staff with 24/7 comprehensive protection. At the same time, it also offers an effective way to improve teaching performance and work efficiency. In addition to surveillance, the cameras are also being used for live graduation ceremonies.

“Dahua is a viable choice for us to have effective and efficient security systems on our campus. We have pleasant experiences and successful stories using their solution during the pandemic. We have installed thermal cameras at the main entrances of our university, and have deployed other cameras to protect people and prevent violence in the campus. Our experience with Dahua is successful, and it can be adopted as a model in the Middle East, particularly in both private and public Jordanian universities.” Said Prof. Mohammed Taleb Obaidat, President of Jadara University.

“It is also worth mentioning the punctuality of the Dahua team. They do their job promptly, resulting to accurate and successful solution deployment. They deserve to be complimented.” Obaidat added.

With a professional and reliable security system from Dahua Technology, the Jadara University offers a safer and more secure learning environment. It can significantly help attract both local and international students who wish to study in Jordan, which is in line with the university’s vision of “proceeding to internationalization to become a national success story”.