Dahua Technology brought smart parking to the Santillana Building in Medellín


MTS is a leading real estate management company with a 20-year history. It has 600 employees and experts in real estate management, real estate consulting, market studies and representation of owners. Dahua Technology, as a world leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, customized a comprehensive parking solution to help MTS manage the Santillana Building more intelligently.


MTS faces a problem with the management of Santillana building that it wanted to control the parking lot with a monthly fee, but they had purchased a system that was obsolete and didn’t allow them to control space occupation, parking time and easy integration with a billing system.

In addition, The Santillana Building has 8 parking levels for the use of two offices towers in Medellín. Smart parking functions including the automatic vehicle entrance control, parking guide, vehicle locating, video surveillance and the administration of all the parking lots were in need.


Together with local system integrator Miro Seguridad, Dahua installed Access ANPR Camera for entrances (ITC215-PW6M-IRLZF), 300 units of Smart Video Parking Detectors (ITC314-PH3A-F Series) covering wide parking spaces, Indoor LED Screens (IPMPGI-AC Serise), 36-HDD Enterprise Video Storage (EVS5036S-R), etc.

Multiple advanced products were applied with sophisticate technologies innovated by Dahua. The Access ANPR Camera adopts high-performance CMOS image sensor and processor for in-depth extraction and analysis of vehicle information 24/7. In addition, its built-in LED illuminator and motorized vari-focal lens provide ease of installation and commissioning.

The Smart Video Parking Detector can monitor 3 parking spots in real time, identify vehicles and license plates, and display the parking spot status with different indicator colors. It’s capable of capturing clear details even in strong contrast conditions to ensure detection accuracy, ideal for parking buildings and indoor parking lots.

EVS5036S-R offers unparalleled storage technology. This EVS is ideal for a wide range of applications such as public safety, transportation stations, government institutions, hotel resorts, shopping malls, city centers, and financial institutions, where demand expansion flexibility, high reliability and centralized storage management. This EVS is compatible with numerous third-party devices making it the perfect solution for surveillance systems with or without a video management system (VMS).

During the implementation, to achieve the optimal performance of the sensors in low parking levels, lots of tests were carried out to find the best spots for installation. To ensure smooth interconnection of various products, it’s necessary to standardize configuration and organize the fiber optic link, which took joint efforts of Dahua team and Miro Seguridad.


The parking solution is based on video-centered technologies. ANPR, video analysis and other technologies guide the customers to park and locate vehicles quickly and easily. Based on the ANPR technology, entry control becomes more efficient, while drivers are able to locate vehicles through kiosk with display. Automatically calculating and displaying the number of available parking spaces on the LED screen in each parking level help drivers to find available spaces rapidly. Furthermore, when an accident happens, video surveillance can provide visual evidences, which makes management more easily.

“We are very happy with the project since we received much more than we expected, the solution works perfectly and the benefits of the PMS software platform are very beneficial for our operation, for example, the reports of information on entrants’ stays, heat map, and the real-time dashboard of information and the occupancy of parking spaces in the parking lots. It should be noted that the car locator helps a lot. When drivers search by the vehicle plates, it displays a live view in real time and the location of the vehicle. Our users are also satisfied with the functionality of the solution. We are very grateful to both the system integrator Miro and the manufacturer Dahua for all their support,” said Leonardo Aragon, Head of Security, Santillana – MTS.

Diego Garces, Director of Special Projects of Miro Seguridad, spoke highly of the Dahua team, “We are very grateful to the support from Dahua Medellin team which facilitated the successful delivery of the solution with advanced functionalities. We hope to participate together in the implementation of many more projects with Dahua.”