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Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels can satisfy the needs of the store's merchandise and price information with e-Paper Display(EPD) , flexible display text, numbers, images, bar codes and QR codes etc. with customized and visible templates, supporting multi-languages.

Solution Introduction


Reduce Labor Cost: no need for extra employees to put on traditional paper price labels

Reduce Paper Waste: paperless price labeling can help conserve the environment

Reduce Error Rate: improve customer satisfaction and avoid loss due to price error

More Promotional Channels:information display about the product, stock, or promotion, with option to switch between general and promotion templates based on preset schedule


Software Deployment

Public Cloud Solution:

The system is deployed on public server.

Suitable for all kinds of customers.

• Private Cloud Solution:

The system is deployed on the customer's own cloud server.

Applicable to distributors or large chain brands.

• Local Solution:

The system is deployed on a private network.

Applicable to regional businesses with multiple stores or single store.

Multiple Methods of Integration

We provide API, while third-party systems send data to our system.

Third- party systems provide API, while we acquire data from these third-party systems.

Using middle-ware: Third-party systems integrate through the middleware provided by us.