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The terminal is one of the most crucial surveillance zones in the airport due to its constant foot traffic. It normally has retail stores, security screening, duty free shops, passenger lounges, departure/arrival areas, etc.

Intelligent behavior analysis

• Combines video analysis, image processing, deep learning and artificial intelligence technology to achieve high protection of the monitored scene
• Detects crucial events including tripwire, intrusion, abandoned/missing object, loitering, direction flow violation, overspeeding, lane changing, crowd gathering, crowd density, and more.

Passenger Identification

• Recognizes passengers through intelligent algorithms
• Allows inputing of personal information and setting up of blocklist in the system
• Allows docking of passenger information from a third-party system
• Triggers the alarm when a passenger matches a blocklisted individual in the database

Fisheye Camera

• One camera can capture a 360° scene with no blind spot
• Shows real-time video with preset calibration for any area
• Multiple dewarping modes: original, panoramic, double panoramic, 1+3, E-PTZ

Elevator Monitoring

• Video surveillance for all kinds of elevators

• Long wireless transmission distance up to 500m

Business intelligence

• Line crossing people counting, regional people counting, queue management, heat map
• Reduces OPEX, and increases store operating efficiency. Helps enhance profits by analyzing actual foot traffic and transaction data