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Pedestrian Access

Face Recognition Based on Artificial Intelligence

Pedestrian Access
Seamless access

This solution adopts advanced AI algorithm and integrates face recognition technology into a well coordinated access control management system, enabling a safe working and learning environment.

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  • Quick Search


    • Traditional IC card is easy to lose or be stolen.
    • Strangers can easily enter and follow other people.
    • It is difficult for security personnel to confirm the identity of visitors.
  • Real-time Alarm


    • It is easy to forget access card or password.
    • Manual registration of information creates bad experience.
    • It is very inconvenient to open the door during rainy days or when carrying heavy objects.
  • High Accuracy


    • Residents can‘t open the door automatically.
    • Low passage efficiency.


  • Requires face recognition and liveness detection
  • Needs high face recognition accuracy
  • Needs quick recognition and passage
  • Needs a simple and economical solution
  • Requires anti-tailing function

Solution Overview

Processing Display

Service Process

Processing Display

Application Scenario

Residential Area Entrance

School Entrance

Factory Entrance

Office Building Entrance

Library Entrance

Solution Value

  • Quick Search


    • People can open the door automatically through face recognition.
    • Offers touchless passage with face recognition speed of less than 0.2s.
  • Real-time Alarm


    • Features face recognition with 99% accuracy.
    • Supports anti-pinching and anti-trailing.
  • High Accuracy


    • Does not affect the original system architecture and can be put into operation with simple debugging.
    • Easy integration with third party barrier.

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