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5,000-camera System Delivers Security and Quality of Service for Pakistan Bank Network


A centralized video surveillance system from Dahua Technology involving more than 5,000 cameras has been installed at over 850 branches of Bank Alfalah – one of the top commercial banks in Pakistan – by installation company Vital International.

Bank Alfalah has fortified its network with over 850+ branches through the installation of Dahua CCTV cameras. The number of cameras per branch varies per branch size. Around 5,000 cameras were installed across the bank network. To ensure centralized surveillance and monitoring, all branches are linked to the Command and Control Center, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and manned 24/7 by trained monitoring personnel.


One of the primary challenges of Bank Alfalah is centralized monitoring and management. The main objective of Dahua’s installation was to establish a centralize surveillance and monitoring system for banking operations, which will help the bank strengthen its measures against robbery and vandalism at ATM vestibules.


With the installation of Dahua all-in-one centralized platform and Dahua 3*8 video wall in the Command and Control Center, the client achieved live monitoring of all branches, monitoring bank activities in real time to enhance business performance. All branches have been mapped on the bank network and round-the-clock monitoring is performed at the Command and Control Center during and after working hours/days. A central backup recording is also in place in case of data loss in the branch. Bank Alfalah is a pioneer in the country’s financial sector in adopting complete centralization with 60-day parallel recording at the Command and Control Center.


The Dahua monitoring solution has brought numerous benefits to the daily operations of Bank Alfalah. It greatly enhances the security in all branches, facilitates effective emergency response to incidents/crimes, helps prevent burglary, and enables a safe workplace.

The management of Bank Alfalah is pleased with the new system and its advantages. “The execution support of Dahua’s product and its partner in delivery and installation of the project has been excellent.”

Dahua provided the entire solution from the front-end cameras and NVRs, through to the software platform, video storage and display, demonstrating its strength in the global banking and finance sector.