What is WizMind?

"To cope with ever escalating complexity of security challenges involving huge flows of people and vehicles, we need something like the fabled omniscient guard, which fortunately has materialized now thanks to deep-learning AI. According to IHS report 2019, the total market value of Professional Video Surveillance Equipment grows to US$27,199.1 million in 2023. In the last couple of years, the market share of AI in the security industry is becoming increasingly remarkable.

Dahua Technology, with its award-winning deep-leaning algorithms, proudly releases WizMind, a portfolio of solutions composed of project-oriented products including IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, thermal and software platform, delivering precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions to verticals including government, retail, energy, finance and transportation."

WizMind Based on Vehicle

WizMind boasts multiple vehicle-based AI solutions, such as ANPR, vehicle metadata, and illegal parking, which provide more attributes of vehicles for easy control, quick search and business analysis. It is widely used in urban roads, residential community entrances, parking lots and toll stations.

WizMind with Thermal Technology

WizMind combines deep learning algorithm with thermal imaging technology to help users achieve ultra-long distance monitoring in harsh environments, highly accurate non-contact temperature monitoring with only ±0.3℃ temperature difference, and early detection of fire.

  • Long Distance Monitoring

    Long Distance Monitoring can easily recognize human or vehicle even from up to 20km away.

  • Temperature Monitoring

    Temperature Monitoring reports temperature differences in order to achieve an effective and accurate temperature readings.

  • Fire Prevention

    Fire Prevention detects objects with temperatures different from the average temperature of the scene, providing effective protection in forests and warehouses.

WizMind Ecosystem

Initiating openness and collaboration, the Dahua WizMind series is already compatible with major third party technology partners, such as Milestone, AxxonSoft, ISS and others. The WizMind Ecosystem provides sufficient DHOP and API for our technology partners, which enable them to combine real AI joint solution with our common customers, and engage in a series of marketing activities with our ecosystem partners.