Dahua Video Solutions Help Amazing Grace English School Go Online


As part of their back-to-school preparation, the Amazing Grace English School in La Serena, Chile was in need of reliable high-end cameras for the safe reopening of the school. To minimize the risk of COVID-19 cross-infection, they opted to broadcast live classes via smart cameras for those students studying at home, and introduce a new solution to control the capacity of the entire school.

"The idea of implementing this technology arises from a need. It was becoming very complex for teachers to prepare classes for both on-site and online students. The cameras make it possible to hold classes for both groups simultaneously," says Patricia Gallardo, principal of Amazing Grace English School.


One of the challenges of this project was to provide a comprehensive solution for teachers, allowing them to teach classes under an integrated learning model.

“Our expectation is to prepare to provide our students with the best online and face-to-face education while adapting to the current condition. Any technology that can help us in this process will always be welcome,” says Gallardo.


High-end, auto tracking, and high-resolution PTZ cameras from Dahua Technology are the starting point of this implementation. They enable projection of virtual desktop and board at the same time, and allow zooming in/out of video image using a remote control. They also make it possible to zoom, for example, the hands of the teacher, which is very necessary in technical and art classes.

“In order to set up the system in 8 classrooms, Bluetooth headphones and connection to a remote control operated by the teacher were deployed and implemented. In addition, the cameras capture and adjust to the light in the classrooms while filming the teachers as they walk around,” explains Armando Vicencio, CEO of Smart T, integrator and partner of Dahua Technology, and leader of the project. “The flexibility of this solution makes the difference,” he added. The system was tested and optimized in real classrooms, achieving good results and representing an essential solution for returning to class this year.

"The teachers and students wanted to have classes in conditions as close as possible to the conventional ones," says Jaime Fernandez, Business Developer Manager of Dahua Technology in Chile. "The versatility of our video solutions made it possible."

Thinking about the security of its community, the Amazing Grace English School also installed the Dahua Capacity Control Solution, which can simultaneously count the number of people entering and leaving the institution.


With a technological solution enhanced by Dahua devices, the Amazing Grace English School aims to protect the health and wellness of its students and staff while further enhancing knowledge and learning. Now, students, teachers and parents are prepared to start the school year in compliance with the protocols required by the health authorities.

"The implementation of this solution has been very well received by the community, and has allowed us to grow day by day," added Gallardo.

According to Gallardo, the cameras focus on the classroom and allow the teacher to zoom in on the board, making it easier to show and explain the lecture to their students. At the same time, the devices – which are connected to the school's streaming platform – also allow those students who remotely study at home to watch and listen.

"Thanks to this project, we freed teachers from sitting in front of their computer cameras at all times. By installing the cameras, we provide them comfort and support to their work. The professors’ image and lecture content are transmitted without delay and with good lighting," says Vicencio. "It was a challenge not to complicate the teacher's life without affecting the quality of the video broadcast or the quality of the class. We succeeded and have had a very good reception from the teachers. They are very grateful for the possibility of returning to their classes.”