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Millions of commuters, students, parents, and the elderly rely on bus transportation every day to get to where they need to be. Buses help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution because they provide a more efficient way of moving people from one point to another. However, cars and trucks travelling and parking in bus lanes reduces the efficiency of buses and creates unneccessary congestion.

System Overview

• Solution Details

This figure shows a camera with License Plate Recognition (LPR) enabled, capturing both the license plate number and a color snapshot of the vehicle crossing into the bus lane. The system then uploads the images to the DSS platform along with the vehicle plate number. The business platform then collects the vehicle list from the DSS and checks to see if they are on the list of permitted vehicles provided by the vehicle registration database (DB server). These records can then be verified and traffic tickets can be issued after verification and approval. The DSS can also sort vehicles by custom rules or plate color, if provided.

• Traffic Management Server Support:

• Search and fuzzy search by plate/time/type of Vehicle.

• Show plate/record time/processing pictures/linkage video.

• Supports live monitoring.

• Features and Benefits

• Fully automated.

• Reduces traffic enforcement overhead costs.

• Speeds up bus transit times.

• Video-based vehicle classification to monitor different vehicles. No Additional sensor is needed.

• Improves carbon emissions.