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Live Broadcast Teaching

Teaching Video Recording System
We use deep learning algorithm and intelligent application to realize real-time accurate tracking of six scenes.
Teacher standing still: The scene shows close-up view when the teacher is not moving.
Teacher writing: Camera focuses on the blackboard to see more details.
Teacher stepped off the podium: The scene changes to the close-up view of the teacher.
Teacher walking back and forth on the podium: Track and provide close-up view of the teacher.
1 student stands up and answers questions: The camera focuses on the close-up view of the student.
2+ students stand up and answer questions: The scene changes to panoramic view.
· Students tend to lose concentration when watching online courses.
· Studies have shown that fixed images are more likely to cause distraction and fatigue, with online classes lasting more than half an hour dropping students' efficiency by 70%.
· Statistically, after the deployment of the Smart Classroom, the attendance rate of students in online courses has increased by 35%, the scores of the in-class quiz have increased by 60%, and the excellence rate in the final exam has increased by 40%(according to data gathered from a successful case in a senior high school).
LAN & Internet
With Local Area Network (LAN), users can watch the current classroom's live broadcast online through the Live portal of the teaching video recording system homepage.
Through RTMP streaming, the output image of the recording server can be broadcast on a third-party platform (YouTube), so that teachers and students can watch it on the Internet.