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Inpatient Care

People Access Control
Hospital Staff
The staff‘s information are imported to the DSS Pro to receive access authorization.
Patients or Family Members
Patients or family members need to register at the reception station to get access permission.
Temporary Visitor
A temporary visitor calls the nurse through the VTO. The nurse opens the door remotely after video confirmation.
Access Control
Solution Value
· Implements access control at the entrance of every floor in inpatient area to optimize people management.
· Supports several access modes to meet different requirements.
· Allows visitors to call the nurse station via video intercom. The nurse can open the door remotely after video verification.
· Supports disabling automatic access during certain periods such as midnight to reduce risks.
Video Intercom
Solution Value
· Patients can call nurse through VTO to get a timely response, and video intercom helps nurses understand the patient’s situation.
· Nurses can remotely monitor some particular patients at the nurse station through live video on the VTS to reduce ward rounds time.
(1) Supports disabling the live video function by configuring the VTO with the camera.
(2) Supports VTO without camera.
Fall Detection
Solution Value
· Some patients such as elderly or disabled person has the special care to monitor their falling down accident which may induce serious damage. Our stereo analysis technology can help to detect the falling down behavior.
· Once detect falling down with AI technology, alarm will be pushed to VTS in the nurse station with audio and message until nurse response.
· Considering the patient’s privacy protection, the solution can provide different mosaic technologies such as human body or screen mosaic. In addition, the original video recording is also saved with admin authorization in case of an investigation.
Falling Down Detection
Human Body Mosaic
Screen Mosaic

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