Comprehensive Dahua Security System Installed at Mexican Production Site


A site-wide and extensive video-based security system from Dahua Technology has been installed at an injection molding production facility in Mexico. The 40,000m2 Haitian International site in Jalisco needed perimeter protection, access control and site video monitoring to provide security and the efficient management of the site.


The remote location and sheer size of the site and its perimeter provided managers at Haitian International with security and infrastructure challenges. Installation challenges included the remote location of the site with its lack of infrastructure, the size and complexity of the installation – including the provision of a wireless network – and the sheer range of Dahua products and systems, including a range of internal and external cameras, perimeter protection sensors, access control hardware and software, and time and attendance systems.


A whole host of security, surveillance monitoring and access control systems were installed by installation company Aldo. This includes: pole-mounted IR dome, speed dome and other network cameras for intrusion detection; wall-mounted IR speed domes, and eyeball cameras for external video surveillance; and quad beam fence-mounted detectors (and network cameras) for long distance perimeter protection.

One notable solution implemented in the production site is the access control comprised of several integrated Dahua products. Two ANPR cameras (DHI-ITC215-PW6M-IRLZF) were installed at the parking entrance to manage incoming/outgoing authorized vehicles. Dahua also provided a personnel access control system that includes turnstiles at the main entrance gate that can be activated by security cards. Swing barriers (ASGB510J-L, ASGB520J-D, ASGB510J-R) were also installed at the administrative building entrance to facilitate the access of employees, guests and other visitors in the building. There’s also an attendance terminal (ASA2212A) with fingerprint identification module at the lobby for quick and easy clock in/out, which is managed by an interface that is completely made by Dahua.

The installation also included: a video entry system for the administrative building; individual door entry access points at certain doors; a video wall consisting of four 55-inch screens; and a PTZ keyboard with joystick. Internally there are 106 cameras – a mix of IR dome, eyeball, panoramic,, mini PTZs and other network cameras – to monitor the production line, public area and administrative building.


Managers at Haitian International now have the assurance of a highly secure site, thanks to a comprehensive and integrated security system from Dahua Technology. In addition, they are now running an efficient and safe operation using state-of-the-art technology in a seamless fashion. This delivers high levels of security and efficient access control and vehicle management solutions to help with the smooth running of the facility.

“Dahua supported us throughout the whole project, from the preliminary design phase to the implementation and post-sales services once the project was completed,” said Jair Martínez, Information Technology Coordinator at Haitian International. “They will continue to support us with the maintenance of each system,” he added.

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