Enabling a Safe Sustainable World with Dahua's Digital Intelligence Solutions


November 30, 2023

As a world-leading video-centric AIoT solutions and service provider, Dahua is committed to building a green, environment-friendly and safe world of Intelligence. In 2023, Dahua joined United Nations Global Compact Initiative to help promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Focusing on green products, green manufacturing, green logistics and green living, we actively support the research and implementation of green, low-carbon products and solutions through low-power product design, integrated solar power generation design, AIoT solution design, etc., and constantly adhere to green operation and sustainable development.

For instance, the Dahua Intelligent Campus applies Digital Intelligent Energy Solution to build a green campus that realizes real-time monitoring of energy data of the whole campus in terms of source, network, load, storage, and charging. The annual energy savings can reach about 1.3898 million kWh.

Based on the overall strategy of "digital intelligence empowerment, low-carbon future, shared ecology and compliant operation", Dahua combines sustainable development with digital intelligence empowerment. It enables biodiversity protection, environmental protection, intelligent traffic management, smart energy, smart building, smart education, safety production and many other fields to help thousands of industries develop sustainable, green and high-quality operation.

Preventing Fires in Photovoltaic Power Stations

Generally speaking, a mountain photovoltaic power station is more prone to fire. There are two reasons. One is due to the photovoltaic array area, where the grass grows more luxuriant and weed removal is not timely, loose connections on the photovoltaic panels can easily cause short circuits that may lead to fires. The other reason is the vulnerability to fires spreading from neighboring mountains. To address these concerns, Dahua developed an intelligent fire prevention solution that can proactively monitor photovoltaic power plants.

Dahua’s real-time Fire Monitoring Solution consists of a thermal imaging PTZ camera that can cover a distance of up to 6km. With intelligent algorithms for smoke and fire detection, and 24/7 cruising via PTZ, this solution can discover early fire and alert the security personnel in time. In addition, with the application platform, it can effectively realize fire point positioning and fire spreading trend analysis on the GIS map, and more comprehensively grasp the fire situation information.

Protecting Biodiversity & Wildlife

In terms of biodiversity protection, the commonly used video surveillance equipment is the wild protection camera that captures animals through infrared induction. These intelligent cameras are generally equipped animal detection and recognition functions, including counting the number of animals, identification of animal species, analysis, etc. Also, the use of infrared light can significantly reduce the impact on the captured animals as much as possible.

In order to protect and monitor gibbons, a typical species in the rainforests, Dahua has assisted local authorities to build an intelligent gibbon monitoring system that adapts to the characteristics of rainforests. The system can monitor the main habitats of gibbons in the rainforest reserve and detect their daily activities there. Unlike traditional infrared cameras that can hardly observe animal activities on trees, this new system is capable of long-distance observation, eliminating the need for regular manual human observation and reducing the impact of human activities that can affect the natural habitat of the gibbons.

Dahua has been actively engaging in “tech for good” practices to aid biodiversity protection and restoration using its digital technologies and intelligent solutions. The company has helped over 1,000 nature reserves across the country in protecting the habitats of more than 50 endangered species such as Hainan gibbon, green peacock, black necked crane, black snub-nosed monkey, etc. It enables the continuous reproduction of wild animals and plants, as well as the continuation of species resources and ecological balance.

Monitoring Pollution

AIoT combines artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology to monitor and analyze pollution in real time, providing intelligent pollution monitoring solutions. Through the integration of AI videos and IoT sensing application technology, AIoT realizes the intelligent monitoring and early warning of various scenarios. For example, Dahua has prevented the occurrence of various incidents in sewage outlets including illegal discharge, excessive discharge and human interference on online monitoring. It greatly improved the prevention and regulation measures of pollution sources, and accelerated the transformation of pollution prevention from post-event processing to proactive early warning and prevention.

Using Eco-friendly Design & Materials

Dahua always adheres to its responsibility to protect the environment and practice green development. To ensure the stability of product functions, Dahua has adopted low-power-consuming designs and added sleep and wake-up schemes based on the application scenarios to automatically switch to energy-saving modes at an appropriate time. What's more, Dahua has actively explored the application scenarios of energy-saving products, adopted intelligent energy-saving and emission reduction design in various IoT solutions, and promoted the application of green solutions recognized across the globe to help reduce global carbon emissions.

Dahua has always been committed to using more environment-friendly packaging materials, reducing the use of plastics and minimizing the consumption of non-renewable resources. The non-degradable plastic in the previous packaging is replaced by green, plastic-free materials including high-strength all-paper cushioned lining, plastic-free color printing curing technology, and novel-coating moisture-proof box. Also, our innovative film packaging technology can partially replace the traditional buffer inner packaging, and increase the reuse rate of product packaging by 30%, significantly reducing consumption of materials.

In response to the advocacy for a circular economy, Dahua continuously promotes the material circulation system. It focuses on shared packaging and material recycling, forming a positive cycle of material reuse between suppliers and customers and reducing the use of packaging materials and solid wastes.

Leading Advanced Security in Antarctica

As one of the countries closest to Antarctica, Argentina bears the responsibility for scientific research and protection of Antarctica. In 2022, Dahua Technology's subsidiary in Argentina decided to participate in the Antarctic scientific research project by donating intelligent monitoring equipment to the Antarctic base, providing a new method for real-time observation and all-weather protection of the “White Continent”.

“With our intelligent devices, researchers can observe remotely without having to personally visit the island. This not only saves time and energy, but also enables real-time observation 24/7,” says Mr. Su Haifeng, a representative of Dahua Technology.

"The purity of Antarctica is crucial for scientific research and must ensure that all experiments are conducted in a controlled environment to avoid pollution," Mr. Su explained. He stated that Dahua Technology has always attached great importance to green cooperation with Argentina, where the company actively develops pollution-free technologies. Dahua Technology hopes to achieve sustainable development through technological cooperation and make greater contributions to environmental protection around the world.

To learn more about Dahua’s ESG initiatives, check out our 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.

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